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Penta says Goodbye to its Basic plan – But existing Customers can still use the Free Version

Oliver May 2020 4 min

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Up until now, Penta offered a free online banking account that included one Debit Card as well as a German IBAN. Besides that, customers were able to select from two paid subscriptions – €9 (Starter) and €19 (Comfort) per month.

The free plan included one user, one card and limited functionalities whereas the paid offerings include multiple users, team cards and extensive functionalities around expense management, international payments, accounting integrations and more plus new features whenever released.

Now, Penta decided to end the free plan for new customers as of May 4th.
As a thank you for their loyalty, Penta´s existing customers can stay on the Basic plan.

We will stick to the following guidelines:

  • Existing customers: Everyone who is currently on a free plan, can keep it. Nothing will change in regards to your monthly subscription. 
  • For all new customers: You can test our paid plans for free for the first month to experience their full value before moving into a paid subscription plan.

With those steps, we also want to ensure that none of our customers, who might be facing financial issues due to the current COVID-19 crisis, is forced into a paid plan, as well as help new customers bridge the current times with releasing them from their banking fees.

The 1 month trial period is 100% for free and without any commitment. We will remind you before your trial ends.

So why does Penta end the free plan at all? 

For multiple reasons. 

We are very grateful that over the course of 2019, many small and medium sized business owners, as well as founders, chose Penta. The majority of those customers already signed up for either the Starter or the Comfort plan, and therefore opted for a paid offer.

We asked our customers, existing and potential ones, what they liked about Penta. : Penta delivers exceptional service and offers solutions that go far beyond the traditional definition of business banking.

Especially in 2019 and first quarter of 2020, in which Penta developed and released a whole array of features, like SEPA Direct Debits, digital receipt management, batch payments, flexible financing solutions as well as the new partnership with VISA, further expanding its product and value proposition.

What is up next? 

Cash flow analysis, sub-accounts and virtual cards are some of many more to come. The larger roadmap includes the implementation of new financial features, insurance and legal services, further options in the field of lending, integrations of additional accounting tools, accepting card payments offline and numerous other additions. We are also offering a new package for companies with more sophisticated management needs and more transactions that require a tailored solution. This is our Enterprise Plan – all features are bespoke and based on your needs. For further information, please book your demo feature here

Our new pricing plans aim to address the companies’ most fundamental needs, specific to the industry they operate in.

All new features will only be available in our paid plans – and we truly believe that they are worth their value. A customer that chooses the free plan, wouldn’t even come close to what Penta has to offer.

This is part of Pentas transformation, from fast and easy digital business banking, our core value, to a platform for digital business banking, a one-stop-shop for business owners and their needs. 

Therefore, we are canceling the free plan and offer only the Starter, Comfort and Enterprise Plan, which can really have an impact on SMEs daily businesses.

We hope you will all love the new features as much as we do.

Here you can find a full overview of all price plans and features.

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