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Penta Switches from MasterCard to VISA

Oliver March 2020 2 min

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We would like to start this week by sharing an exciting announcement with you: VISA cards are now available at Penta! From now on all new cards will be issued therefore by VISA.

To celebrate our new partnership, VISA is running a special promotion for all Penta users – you can get 2% cashback on every purchase (up to € 25) made between 03.03. – 15.04.2020 with your new Penta VISA card. 

All you need to do is to register your VISA card and use it to pay for your next purchase. That’s it! Your cashback will be then transferred to your Penta account automatically within three weeks.

As for the existing Penta MasterCard holders, nothing will change. You can continue to spend as easily as before until your card expiration date is reached. However, if you’d like to switch to a Penta VISA card before, you can easily order a new one once you have closed your current MasterCard. Simply log in to your Penta account and navigate to the Users and Cards menu.

Ordering a card for your team members is just as easy as before. All Penta customers can order as many corporate cards as they need for their team (Note: Einzelunternehmer and Freiberufler can order up to five additional team cards). 

You always stay in complete control with customizable spending limits and instant notifications. Our hassle-free receipt management features will help you to save time when doing your monthly finance reports.  


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