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These past few weeks and months, we’ve been sharing with you insights about our initiatives to make Penta a more climate-friendly company. Each action taken brings us closer to our goal of reducing Penta’s emissions by more than 10% per year, reaching a 50% reduction by 2025.

Today, we are proud to share another milestone on our sustainable journey with you: our new 100% recycled Penta Cards.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about our new cards and why they are so important to us as a company.

Our recycled cards at a glance:

  • Penta Cards made from 100% recycled PET-G plastic for a climate-friendly product cycle and 50% less emissions per card
  • Packaging made from 100% sustainable grass paper, producing almost 95% less emissions
  • Climate-neutral shipping

What makes the new Penta Cards climate-friendly?

There are three aspects to our new cards which contribute to a more climate-friendly process: 

The Penta Card

The new Penta Cards with their striking green colour are now composed entirely of recycled PET-G plastic. 100% of this material can be reused for the production of other products, resulting in a climate-friendly production cycle.

The packaging

Your Penta Card’s packaging is made from grass paper, an equally sustainable material. The production of this fabric offers various advantages compared to conventional virgin fibre pulp made from wood:

  • 95% less greenhouse gases 
  • 99% less water needed
  • No use of chemical processes

What is grass paper?

Grass paper consists of at least 30% grass fibres in addition to virgin fibres from wood or waste paper. Depending on the packaging purpose, products with a grass content of up to 50 % are currently possible.

The delivery

We ship with DHL GoGreen. All emissions generated in the delivery process are offset by investments in climate protection projects. According to DHL, these projects fulfil the OECD’s additionality principle.

Our new cards as part of our sustainability initiatives

At Penta, we want to make positive contributions to climate protection. As Penta is a banking service provider that offers its products and services completely digitally, our focus has so far been primarily on the conversion of our technical and internal infrastructure.

In our Berlin office, for example, we use renewable energy, a climate-neutral web hosting and cloud provider, and allow our employees to use public transport free of charge.

These new recycled Penta Cards play an integral role in our sustainability strategy—they are our customers’ only physical touchpoint besides our digital services.

This initiative may seem comparatively small at first glance, however, the environmentally friendly cards have a noticeable impact on our emissions. According to Thales Group, the average carbon footprint of a bank card is 150 grams.

With the new cards, we can reduce emissions per card by about 50%, thereby saving a total of 3 tonnes of CO2.

How you get your hands on the new Penta Cards

Everyone who now opens a business account with Penta will from now on receive a recycled card made from PET-G plastic.

Even if you already have a Penta Account, you can easily create new users in your account and request cards for them.

sustainability penta
sustainability penta

Did you know…

Penta aims to make its processes more climate-friendly step by step through internal reduction measures.

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