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Penta’s Transparent Roadmap

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein November 2018 6 min

Building a transparent organisation

One of the core values of Penta is transparency. But what does transparency really mean?
Transparency has everything to do with our customers.

That’s why just when we started Penta, we released our Open Roadmap, we opened our Slack Community where you can communicate directly with us in real-time, we invited you over into our offices to let us know what you think about Penta, and so much more!

We did a lot to lay the foundation for a transparent organisation and now it is time to bring our transparency to the next level.
Hence, here is what we did the last few weeks to keep improving our promise of transparency:

Restructuring of our Open Roadmap

  • We recently made it clearer on our Open Roadmap when you can expect features. We also created a special dedicated section for all things related to Accounting.

Involving you more in building our features

  • We recently standardised the way we ask for your feedback on features which will be launched in the future. This way you can make sure that we build a product which works for you. You can read more about how this worked with our pricing below.

Restructuring of our Open Roadmap

From Day 1, our Open Roadmap has been the cornerstone of our communication with our customers. Our customers are not only able to see what we are working on, they are also able to vote for features they deem important, which actually influences our future roadmap!

We always tried to keep up with our Open Roadmap and used this as our reference point for our external communication about when you can expect which features.
However, we spotted several smaller problems with this approach:

  • We used a slightly more granular roadmap internally at Penta which created confusion in our company (and ultimately for our customers).
  • We didn’t fully lay out when you can expect new features but rather said (short-term, mid-term, long-term). This created again confusion as it was not immediately obvious when exactly you could expect what.
  • The entire topic of accounting did not get enough attention and was hidden in the roadmap.
  • We were not always communicating as quickly with our customers as we should have.

Penta Roadmap new 2018
As we truly believe that the roadmap gives you a great and easy way to participate in our product development, we decided that we can fix some of these problems by doing the following:

  • The Open Roadmap is now the only roadmap we are use – both internally and externally. This makes sure that our customers and team members are both on the same page.
  • We restructured the Open Roadmap in a way that you can see which features we expect to launch in which month for the next three months. This way, we can clearly communicate expected delivery dates.
  • As accounting is such a huge topic for our customers, we also decided to branch out an entire new column just dedicated to accounting where you can leave your feedback and vote for the various providers we should integrate with first.
  • In the product team, we set a rule to get back to questions and comments on the roadmap within 2 hours, so that you don’t have to wait for an answer for too long.

Did these efforts pay off?

So far, we are seeing a significantly higher participation on the roadmap and also much less confusion internally here at Penta. Furthermore, we have changed the urgency and priority of accounting integrations so that you will see when Penta will connect with your favourite accounting tools much sooner.

If you have any additional feedback on how we can make the roadmap better, just email us at!

Involving you more in building our features

Penta pricing transparency 2Over the last few months, we were continuously working on new features and making sure that we were building something which works for you! We started sharing early designs and prototypes in our Slack Community, we started a dedicated Penta Customer Testing Group and had more frequent customer testing sessions in our offices.

We used this approach also for building the pricing of our product and we have worked with many of you to find out what kind of pricing works best for you and also for us as a business.

What we wanted to achieve is that we can build a pricing model which works for small businesses who are just starting up but also a pricing model that works for businesses who have growing needs and need more from their financial services providers.

What we found out from the interviews with you is that it is not only about choosing a pricing plan that fits your business’s needs, it’s also just as important for you to know exactly what you’re being charged for. You won’t have anymore intransparent pricing, you won’t receive any cryptic invoices every half year and you won’t have to deal with having no visibility over your company’s cashflow!

So what are we doing differently?

  • You can see your banking costs in real-time on our easy-to-understand subscription page in your Penta account.
  • Whenever you take an action that you have to pay for, you will be notified before any charge occurs so that you have full transparency over what you’re paying for.
  • From February onwards, you will receive a Penta invoice for the services you’ve used on a monthly basis.
  • You can instantly upgrade or downgrade your pricing plan as your needs change! Penta will be free until 31st of January so that you can test out if the pricing is clear for you and give feedback on what we can do better.

You can always find an overview of our pricing plans here. You can also read more about our pricing plans and why it’s free until January 31st in a more detailed blog post here.

What’s coming next?

Over the next weeks, we will be launching many new features, including various accounting integrations, an iOS mobile app as well as our Penta Open API. All of these features are only possible because we are relentlessly working together with you to transform these ideas into reality.

Please keep on giving us feedback either via Slack, Trello or directly via email and we will do everything we can to further improve our product!
Again, on behalf of the whole team of Penta I would like to thank you for all of your help & support so far.

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