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Penta Success Stories: AirHelp

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein June 2019 4 min

AirHelp is a company that handles airline passenger claims and compensation. Recently, they have said goodbye to the classic banking systems and have entered the new era of business accounts.

This means they are completely done with:

  • Confusing tariffs and government fees.
  • Outdated banking tech from the 80s.
  • Hectic expense management systems.
  • Countless hours lost on bookkeeping.

Ever since AirHelp switched to a Penta business account, all members of the staff can now have their own corporate credit card. This makes things a lot easier for the accounting team, who no longer need to waste their time making small money transfers to reimburse small expenses.

“Our team is getting bigger and bigger, and now that we finally have company credit cards, making the switch has simplified our day-to-day business a lot. The team now enjoys much more flexibility. Best of all, our accountants no longer lose time by transferring small expenses.”      – Krzysztof Piernicki – VP Finance @ Airhelp

What Else Does AirHelp Appreciate About Penta?

  • The Simple Account Opening Process: Easy, fast, and online. Their CEO travels a lot and it would be a waste of time to go to a bank branch.
  • Penta focuses on the needs of its customers – not only by providing them with a simple, and easy-to-use customer interface but also by making sure that their customers are happy and satisfied – without the bureaucracy!
  • Penta is just different: Here, customers have the opportunity to help shape their roadmap! This alone delivers a more valuable banking service.
  • New features are released at a breathtaking speed – true to the motto: “time is money – especially for the customer!”

As a fast-growing company, AirHelp can confirm that Penta offers the best business banking solution for businesses like us. Simple as that.

With Penta’s “Team Banking” solution and corporate cards, they can save time while still being in control – especially thanks to the real-time notifications in the Penta app.

Penta or traditional house banks? No question – with Penta, there is no grueling bureaucracy, it looks better and it feels better. On top of that, Penta really cares about the needs of their customers!

The AirHelp team needs to have a good overview of what’s happening with their accounts. Thankfully, the accounting department also has access to the Penta business account – but only with read permission. This feature saves everyone who is involved a lot of time, money, and stress.

Since the Penta App provides live alerts, the AirHelp team always knows the progress of daily tasks, how much to spend, and keep up-to-date with the latest charges. This is because we’re totally transparent here at Penta.

What does AirHelp think is the best thing about Penta? That there are company cards for their employees. This means a lot to both us and our employees.

Positive Changes at AirHelp Because of Penta

  • AirHelp no longer needs cash – another step towards complete digitalization!
  • The accountant and tax advisor no longer have to waste their valuable time over small transfers and expenses.
  • Meanwhile, the AirHelp team enjoys more flexibility without their management losing track of completed work. With real-time expense reporting and notifications, the team is always up-to-date.
  • The finance department is also happy thanks to the adjustable spending limits for each company card. There is now nothing in the way of complete expense control.
  • Penta’s “Team Banking” solution provides flexibility and efficiency at the same time. All chosen employees have their own customized log-in, including the finance department. From there, they can apply for cards or manage users or permissions.
  • A simple, two-step payment portal: Team members can easily make payments. The finance people can verify them quickly and easily.

Since moving to Penta, AirHelp has been able to not only save money by bypassing unnecessary fees but also give their employees a lot more time and freedom. This helps motivate the AirHelp team, as a whole,  and improve their overall service quality.

About AirHelp

AirHelp is the world’s largest organization in air passenger rights, helping travelers get compensation for delayed or canceled flights and in instances of denied boarding. The company also takes legal and political action to support the growth and enforcement of air passenger rights worldwide. AirHelp has aided more than 10 million people, is available in 30 countries and has more than 600 employees.

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