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Penta Partners up with SumUp

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein December 2019 2 min

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Until today, we were only able to serve companies who were doing business online. That means businesses like consultancies, or online e-commerce shops that receive money online and send money online, without having any offline cash and card processing payment needs. 

However, we lacked the features as well as the capability to give customers, like restaurants, bars and shops the power to accept card payments. As always, we listened to you, our customers and found the best solution to fulfill your needs.

Starting from today, we’re offering our customers the easiest way to accept offline payments by partnering with the world’s most popular Card Reader, SumUp

Our partnership with SumUp will allow our customers to accept all types of card payments in their store, from Visa and Mastercard, to EC and Diners as well as, Amex and even China Union Pay. All with a simple and beautiful Card Reader offered by Penta via SumUp.

By signing up with Penta, you’ll be able to get a SumUp device delivered to you within just a few days for only €9 as well as low processing payments, which you can find here.

This is just the beginning! In the coming months, we’ll be expanding our product offering for Merchants, calling it Penta Merchant Services (current name, feel free to suggest a better one!) so that we can also help you collect cash (Bargeldeinzahlungen) and also provide you with lending products.

As always, you can view, comment and request features on our Open Product Trello Roadmap or you can join our Slack Community to get in contact with the people at Penta building these features for you here.

Thank you to everyone who was involved launching this in Penta speed (from idea until today’s launch, 3 weeks) and thank you to our customers who were relentlessly telling us what they need.


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