Penta People: Meet Svetla Miteva, Penta’s Head of Growth Marketing

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At Penta, we rely on a diverse team with a wide variety of perspectives. This is how we create real innovations for digital business banking. That our team is continuously growing makes us very proud. One of our newest Pentonians is Svetla Miteva, our Head of Growth Marketing at Penta. We are very excited to have Svetla on board, and we want to share her first impressions with you.   

Svetla, What Do You Like About Penta After Your First Weeks?

“The warm welcome I received at the beginning was amazing! I like the team and the motivation and humbleness everyone displays—this is the kind of environment I love working in. The stage the company is currently in is also pretty exciting with many new beginnings and growth opportunities.”

We Are More Than Happy to Have You on Board—How Did We Convince You to Join Us?

“I’m pretty interested in entrepreneurship, so I really liked the product’s value proposition for small businesses—making SME owners’ lives easier and thus leaving them space for creating business value through working on improving their products and services.”

You’ve Been Around the World a Lot, Is That Right? What Did You Take Away From That for Yourself? 

“Yes, I grew up in a small town close to the seaside in Bulgaria. My parents worked as doctors in Angola during and after the civil war there and gathered a lot of international experience when I was a child. Other close family members were living in the US at that time. So, the interest in and the openness to different cultures and languages came naturally to me from an early age and that made me very passionate about learning foreign languages and later gaining international experience on my own.”

What Were the First Steps in Your Career, Svetla?

Speaking of the wish for international experiences, I earned both my Bachelor‘s and my Master’s degree in international universities—one American university and two European ones in Denmark and Italy, which required adapting to very different education styles and working cultures. 

I studied double major in Journalism & Mass Communication and Business Administration, this is why I found the intersection of both disciplines – Marketing – a pretty interesting field, as well as Innovation Strategy and Product Management, which I wrote my Master thesis on for a Danish technology company. Spoiler alert—these are exactly the disciplines I gathered working experience in later.

Kick off your career in fintech in a diverse and appreciative environment.

What Exciting Things Have You Experienced in Your Professional Life? 

“I’m very happy to have always worked in a very dynamic environment, even if usually in a larger set-up than Penta, and I’m grateful for my diverse working experiences so far—different companies, positions and even disciplines—Media Planning and Buying, Marketing and Product Management. Challenge and change are the two most exciting and must-have elements of a job for me.”

And What Was the Most Exciting Thing You Ever Worked On? Some Sneak Peeks?

“I have a feeling it might be Penta! ;)

Projects requiring creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to start from scratch, but also persist until the finish line, are the most exciting things to me. One example is reaching the final stage of a well-known German Media Prize competition when I was still working for a global Media Agency. 

Another one was co-organizing the first Start-Up Weekend in Düsseldorf and collaborating with Bulgarian VCs and start-ups on popularizing the Bulgarian start-up ecosystem in Western Europe. Some of these activities were on top of my regular job and work assignments, since I was just motivated by creating an impact—both in my day-to-day work and for topics and causes I believe in, such as helping start-ups.”

What Do You Plan to Tackle in Your Role in the Near Future? 

“I’m currently working with the team on making sure that we have a stable foundation for short-term growth, while also planning for how to best accommodate our mid- to long-term goals—both in terms of marketing activities and processes and in terms of team size and structure.”

Svetla, What Do You Love Most About Your Role? 

“Helping the team do a great job at contributing to Penta’s success, while also enjoying what they do. In that sense, the other equally best part is how lucky I am with my team.”

Are There Any Openings in Your Team for Future Pentonians?

“We would love to have an addition to our Performance Marketing team, and it is definitely worth checking for further open positions on a regular basis. Someone who is motivated by having direct influence on Penta’s growth, is not afraid to try, fail and learn and is happy to work in an extremely collaborative, motivated and helpful team is more than welcome to join us on our growth path!”

What Drives You Forward Every Day, and What’s Your Personal Mission?

“The collaboration and interaction with people, the little things, such as a nice cup of coffee and a great laugh, as well as the satisfaction of getting the things done which create value, while continuously learning how to get more such things done.”

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