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You’d like to get a glimpse into Penta before you decide to open an account? No problem! With our new interactive Penta demo account you can discover the Penta world without any obligations or registration. Try out (almost) all functions. Discover all the things you can do with an account tailored to your business banking needs.

Explore the World of Penta

Business banking can be complex, therefore it’s important to  choose the ideal banking solution that meets the needs of your business to drive success. We at Penta want to  simplify your decision-making journey and give you the opportunity to discover our product first hand—Because it’s our mission to support you in your everyday entrepreneurial life.

Explore our Penta demo account

All Features at a Glance—Testing Without Commitment

First impressions matter. Therefore, we want to make your first touch point with a Penta business account as interactive as possible—without registration or obligations. Explore the Penta demo account now here

Test the Transaction Overview and Expense Management

In the transaction overview of the Penta demo account you can see all transactions from a main account, as well as a subaccount. Add another subaccount or try out the search and filter function. You can also add categories or notes to individual payments and see how you can manage your finances according to your needs with a Penta business account.

Simulate Payments From the Main Account or Subaccount 

In the Penta demo account you can test under “Payments” how a SEPA payment, a batch payment or a transaction authorization will look like. Therefore, you only need to select either the main or the subaccount and enter the recipients’ payment details. In your real Penta business account, you’ll be able to also set up SEPA Direct Debits and more.

Manage Cards and Users

With your Penta account, you will be able to manage user permissions and cards: Get a first feeling of how the product works and add for example more users to the demo account, take a first glimpse at user settings or manage Penta VISA Cards. You can also test the adjustment of the online and offline limit of a debit card or freeze it. At Penta you can provide your entire team with VISA cards and give them individual payment limits

Sounds good? Then open your Penta business account digitally in 15 minutes and use many more product features. With the Penta account you can also integrate your accounting software such as DATEV or lexoffice, attach receipts to your transactions, apply for loans and much more!

Why We Have Developed the Penta Demo Account for You

25,000 businesses already trust in digital banking through Penta. Our mission is to provide efficient financial solutions for all companies, regardless of their legal form and size. We know how hard it can be to start using a new tool or product. That’s why we created the Penta demo account: Get a first impression of our products before you decide to open a trial account with us. We want to support you in your everyday work by helping you make decisions quicker and easier so that you have time to focus on your business. 

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Explore all products in the demo account

Penta Pricing Plans for the Requirements of Your Business

Depending on the size of your business, Penta offers you three pricing plans – Starter, Comfort or Enterprise. Have you just started your business, are you still in the foundation phase or are you self-employed? Then your financial management will not yet be particularly complex. In this case, the starter plan is suitable. If your business becomes more complex, or you have been running your company for some time, then the comfort plan will provide you with complex financial solutions. With the enterprise plan, we tailor the products and solutions you need individually for your business.  

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