Penta People: Meet Vasilija Grubic, Penta’s Head of Customer Relations

Oliver May 2021 Fintech Content Editor 5 min

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When we talk about digital business banking, this doesn’t mean that we are not there for you personally—quite the opposite. At Penta, we do everything to support you with your business in the best way. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, our passionate Support Team will be happy to help. And we would like to introduce you to our Head of Customer Relations Vasilija Grubić, who leads our CRM Team with lots of love and dedication. Vasilija joined the Penta Team in March 2018. 

Vasilija, What Do You Like Most About Penta?

“The craziness and the constant hustle. I always remark that there is so much going on, but I actually love it. It would be boring if it would be any different.
And most importantly I love the people I work with, and I love my job. I have such an amazing team that I’m so proud of and of course of all other Pentonians.”

What Excited You to Join Penta?

“It was quite a risk back then. Penta was super small at the time and nobody knew how it would develop. I had a secure, 9AM – 5PM, wear a suit kinda job back then, but it didn’t make me happy. And I wanted to do something different, something where I can make a difference. So, I heard about Penta from a friend of a friend and was really intrigued by the idea and I applied. It was the complete opposite of the company I was working at that time. I was amazed by the people working at Penta and was carried away by their enthusiasm. So, I had no choice—I just had to join! :)”

Let’s Look Back in Time. What Brought You to Belgrade and What You Have Already Seen of the World?

“I was born in Germany, raised in Croatia and Serbia. My family and I moved a bit when I was younger. It was not easy when I was a kid, but now I have to admit that I’m super grateful about all the experiences that I made because of it.” 

Looking for a appreciative and diverse work environment? Penta has it all.

Vasilija, What Were the First Steps in Your Career?

“I studied mechanical engineering. As you can see, nothing to do with banking, customer relations or similar. After the studies I  joined the  German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade because I didn’t  want to lose touch with the German language and I wanted to make some contacts with German companies from the industry.
But, yeah—life never goes as planned. Thankfully!”

What Was the Most Exciting Thing You Ever Worked On?

“Penta! Looking back 3 years and seeing what we accomplished until now, how far we have come is truly amazing. Being able to say that I  supported Penta on this path is something that makes me really proud.”

What Will You Tackle in the Next Time in Your Role?

“We are on the mission to help and support our customers the best we can. The communication with them is essential. Of course, nothing is perfect, mistakes can happen as we are all human and this is why open and honest feedback is what helps us improve further. Our customers are our number one priority. They are all that matters. The goal is constant improvement in terms of speed and quality, but also when it comes to becoming even more proactive and forward-looking customer relationships.”

Vasilija, What’s the Best Part About Your Role?

“Working with and for customers is something that gives you a great sense of accomplishment. The feedback that you get on a daily basis is so heart-warming.
It of course can be stressful sometimes (same as every other job), but the positive sides always prevail.

Besides that—and I know I’m repeating myself—I’m really proud of my team, and it is my greatest pleasure leading so many amazing talents.”

Any Open Roles in Your Team? What Would the Ideal Team Fit Look Like?

Always. For open positions you can check out our openings or reach out to me directly via LinkedIn

There is no such thing as the “ideal fit”. “Ideal fit” would mean that everybody in the team is the same or at least similar. And there are so many different and interesting personalities in the team with different backgrounds, from different countries etc.
So, for everybody who wants to apply: Just be who you are. 

What Drives You Forward Every Day, and What’s Your Personal Mission?

“The people I work with and the opportunity to actually make a difference drive me.
And on my personal mission I want to learn something new and improve every day. I want to become the best leader I can, because people always come first.

I want to empower people and also show everybody that they can achieve everything they want to—no matter of their educational or national background or gender.” 

Thanks, Vasilija—your Penta team couldn’t be more proud of you!

Looking for a passion project and not just a job?

At Penta, you’ll find both.

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