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At Penta, we all share a common mindset. With every feature and functionality we build, we always strive towards making the whole process of business banking as easy and flawless as possible. By eliminating bottlenecks as well as time-consuming and inefficient banking processes, you will be able to create more free time allowing you to focus on growing your core business.

Are you looking for a new partner to help your business flourish as well as solve all your problems and bottlenecks around finances? Penta might be the missing puzzle piece you have been looking for. Below we highlight the top reasons why Penta is the best choice for you as well as your business.

Reason 1: All German Legal Forms are Welcome and Accepted

We welcome all the legal forms available in Germany. From small and medium companies all the way to various forms of freelancers and sole proprietors. No matter if Gmbh, Ug, GbR, KG, AG, or other – everyone is welcome to the Penta family!

Reason 2: Strong Focus on Product Innovation and Development

We are unlike any traditional banking institution out there, we constantly strive towards improving our services and features. Product innovation and development plays a central role at Penta. With regular releases and deployments, you can expect new updates and features every quarter! Moreover, we do not plan to stop anytime soon! To find out more about upcoming plans, take a look at our open Product Roadmap.

Reason 3: Subscriptions Plans Crafted According to your Needs

Depending on the size of your Business, we have various packages tailored to your needs. Most SME’s, as well as Freelancer, will be fully satisfied with our Comfort or Starter Packages. These are stacked with all of our exceptional features and services. For our larger clients, we offer the Enterprise package. This is a highly customizable enterprise option crafted especially for you, from start to finish. And last but not least, we have our Kompass offering. These tailored packages entail everything you need to found your new business. 

Curious to try Penta? We currently offer a 1 month free trial with no commitment.

Reason 4: The Ultimate Online Business Banking Account

When creating Penta, we had only one thing in mind – to build the perfect business banking account for entrepreneurs. With several founders and past freelancers on board, we knew exactly what was needed. With a German IBAN and a broad array of features such as direct debit, batch payments, or sub-accounts, Penta is one of the best solutions when it comes to modern digital business banking.

Do you have large volumes of international transfers? No worries as we offer transparent and low transfer rates – as low as 0.5% with the Comfort Subscription and 1% with Starter.

Reason 5: Preparatory Accounting

Spend more time on your business and not on Accounting! Penta’s simple and quick accounting integrations allow you to automatically synchronize transactions in real-time and avoid manual work. Furthermore, provide your finance team or tax accountant access rights to your Penta account for even more efficiency. 

Currently, Penta has partnered with lexoffice in the middle of July 2020, we are launching a major integration with Datev, one of the biggest accounting tools in Germany. Additionally, we are planning to add tools such as sevDesk, Candis, or Fastbill.

Reason 6: Expense Management made Easy

Penta’s Team Cards will revolutionize your business. Dedicated VISA business debit cards for every employee. Upload receipts on the go, set individual spending limits per card, add notes to transactions, and receive real-time notifications. Maintain full control over your business finances with custom card limits and individual user management. Benefit from a digitized expense management system and eliminate paper waste.

Reason 7: Cashflow & Financing

If you are suddenly in the need of cash or financing, we have strong partnerships with trusted institutions in the industry. With several different options, we offer both short and long term solutions at top rates to our clients in need of quick liquidity. Learn more about lending here.

Reason 8: Sleek User Experience

Clean and modern design makes it easy to operate. Our designers spend countless hours on perfecting the sleek and simple design to make working with your Penta account not only very efficient but as enjoyable as possible.

Reason 9: Rewards and Benefits

As a Penta customer, you get to reap several rewards and benefits: Save money on AWS credits, Stripe processing, or up to 50% on your first year with lexoffice. We are currently working on various partnerships in the industry to be able to provide increased value to our customers. With us, you don’t only save time, but also money!

Reason 10: Premium Customer Care and Key Account Management

Quick and efficient customer service is very important for us. No Matter which Penta plan you are using, premium customer care is always included. Furthermore, 

with our Comfort Plan, for just 19€ a month, you get a dedicated Key Account Manager to help you with any questions or issues. 

Open and Transparent Plan for the Future – With you at the Center

Are you wondering what we are currently working on? Want to contribute to our Product and Feature Roadmap? At Penta, we are all about customer-centricity and transparency – check out our Public Trello Roadmap and feel free to give us suggestions and feedback! Want to talk directly with Penta employees about your ideas or concerns? Use our Slack channel we have created to communicate with our favorite people – our customers!

With more than 20,000 customers in Germany, Penta is one of the most trusted and reliable partners in the financial services sector. Built by founders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, at Penta we make sure that every feature and functionality we create will make your day-to-day business easier and more efficient. 

Find out for yourself and start your free trial today. Still not sure? Click here to book a demo and see what Penta is all about!

Smartphone and Mobile App
Smartphone and Mobile App

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