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Why Your Business Needs an Amazon Business Account

Luckily, you can do it by opening up an Amazon Business account, the B2B service allowing businesses to receive special access to rates and deals only available for business owners.

Why B2B Digital Services Like Amazon Business Can Boost Your Business 

Business to Business (or B2B) services are pretty unique as their main clients are people who also have a business of their own. Typically, this grants you access to products and services which have an immediate impact on your business whether you:

  • Need a product for your employees
  • Ones that you want to markup and resell
  • Or a service which assists your business in some manner

And that is why finding the best B2B services for your business – which provide you speed, quality and easiness – is crucial for the success of your business.

In the case of Amazon Business, this B2B service will help you by giving you affordable products at discounted rates, with free shipping, automatic orders, and so on.

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Top 5 Benefits of Amazon Business

Before you can decide whether or not Amazon Business will work for your needs, it’s important to inform yourself of all the features that are available. Let’s go ahead and look at our top 5 benefits for using Amazon Business

1. Free Shipping for More than 250 Million Products

Free shipping is something which really makes Amazon Business a profitable feature. This replaces the need for you to spend money for shipping or, even worse, drive to the store to purchase products, while simultaneously racking up gas charges and losing time of your day. 

If you get an Amazon Business account, you can access free shipping for the entire catalogue of over 250 million products: you just need to either spend over 29 per order or be an Amazon Prime customer. No more trips to the store, no markup prices and, most importantly, this means you get more time in the day to handle more important business matters. 

2. Discounts on Bulk Orders and Special Business Prices

Businesses typically like to order items in bulk. Especially if they are planning for the long-term, have many employees, or simply want to receive special bulk rates. With an Amazon Business account, you are able to receive some really nice discounts, only available for business owners, and choose between multiple providers.

3. Set Up Automatic Recurring Orders

Depending on the type of business, there are often items which continually need to be purchased and repurchased. This can turn into a chore, regardless of whether you purchase it online or locally. With Amazon Business, you can place recurring orders that automatically process and are delivered to your office without you ever even typing in a credit card number or clicking a button. 

4. Add Additional Users & Allow them to Request Orders

Many businesses value the opinions of their employees and wish to do what is necessary to keep them happy. Sometimes, this means buying new items for the office that will improve their workspace. With Amazon Business, you can help your employees feel heard by allowing them to request purchases

To do this, you can add additional users into your account. You can add in multiple cards, request or reject charges, and divvy up who pays for what. You can make it so certain business cards can be only used by certain users, while always keeping control over the account charges. No exceptions. 

5. Payment is Completely Flexible

As an Amazon Business customer, you receive the ability to pay on much more flexible terms. Typically, someone who makes a purchase needs to pay before the item is ever shipped. With Amazon Business, you can set up your own payment terms to help you minimize the clutter on your monthly statements

Once you create an Amazon Business, you can go ahead and start making orders. Just make sure to set up your payment term within 30 days to avoid any unnecessary account issues. 

Try Amazon Business Today and Receive a Special Deal

In conclusion, we highly recommend you to explore Amazon Business and give it a try. And to make it even easier for you, we agreed with Amazon Business to give you a 20% off on your first order!

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