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Oliver November 2021 Fintech Content Editor 5 min

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Satisfied, loyal and motivated employees are no coincidence. Rather, they are the result of a supportive corporate culture. Managers who have confidence in their employees. A company that gives its employees the freedom they need and provides them with the necessary resources to try things out and implement their ideas successfully. A company that dares to allow its employees to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

In this blog post, we’d like to give you a glimpse of how we foster a supportive, inclusive culture where every Pentonian feels comfortable and enthusiastic about their ambitious and challenging daily work to create the best business banking for our clients.

Work-life balance

Like at any other company, Pentonians meet to exchange ideas on technical topics and projects – both in person and digitally. We try to keep the number of meetings to a minimum in order to create more space for actual work. For this reason, we have agreed on core meeting times during which employees are available. Outside of these hours, we trust Pentonians to be as flexible with their workday as it works best for them and their team. Focus on work should always be the top priority.


„We have a culture where people are very supportive of each other, and our managers are giving us room to drive our own projects – this is why I enjoy working at Penta.”

We work with Berlin-based startup 10lift to improve our employees’ mental and physical health. With 10lift, colleagues come together for sports and other challenges on a digital platform and our own Slack channel. 10lift even plants trees for the activities we do as a team. In fact, we have our own Penta forest!

At the same time, we encourage them to exercise, walk their dog, run small errands, or whatever is needed to clear their heads. As a flexible employer, Penta cares about a good working atmosphere and the well-being of its employees. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to give their best, regardless of their personal background or family situation. And of course, we always welcome office dogs!

New work at Penta

We offer our customers a fully digital business account. Accordingly, we also collaborate mostly digitally via various online tools such as Slack, Asana and Google Workspace. Analogous to the digital workspace, we have also designed the offices at our two locations in Berlin and Belgrade to encourage collaboration rather than individual desk work. We want our offices to be places where teams come together to solve problems. Rather than fixed desks, there is plenty of space for meetings and team collaboration. We leave it up to each team and their respective managers to decide which tasks they want to solve on-site in the office and which tasks are better done remotely. This combination gives Pentonians the greatest possible flexibility in their work.


„I thoroughly appreciate the level of freedom Penta provides. There is always an open ear for new ideas and room for innovation.”

Direct communication

Only those who know the goal can achieve it. This applies to our own projects as well as to the big picture. In the spirit of an open corporate culture, our CEO, Markus Pertlwieser, and the management team run a monthly business update to inform Pentonians about which priorities Penta is pursuing as well as the company’s current state of affairs. Every week Pentonians can ask questions to the management team, even anonymously if they want.


„At Penta we have a honest and transparent relationship with our team members. Without transparency, it is not possible to offer or build the best banking user experience and products to our customers.”

Transparent services

We value a culture in which the performance of each individual employee is transparent to everyone. To this end, we work with an OKR system that makes each team and its members’ individual tasks visible and links them to the corporate strategy, our plans, and our vision. The system ensures that objectives and key results are identified and measured, and can be viewed by all Pentonians.

Open exchange

In addition to professional exchange, we highly value personal interaction. To get together outside of meeting structures, Penta hosts a weekly stand-up to recognize the great work of our colleagues. Regular parties at our offices in Berlin and Belgrade also provide an open exchange of ideas.

Virtual stock options

Achieving our ambitious goals is only possible through our employees’ tireless commitment. So it’s only fair to give them a share in the company’s success. Through our virtual stock option program (VSOP), each employee receives virtual shares in the company whose value is directly linked to the company’s performance. If the value of Penta increases, so does the value of the virtual shares. 

Motivation through participation 

This reward system is not only appreciated by Pentonians, but also assists our talent scouting. Many applicants – especially those with an international background – value this type of employee incentivization. Those who join Penta automatically receive virtual shares in the company. The number of shares is linked to the respective job level of the employee. Provided the company gains value, the value of shares increases over the years. So the longer Pentonians remain loyal to us, the more valuable their shares become.

Join in our success!

With open positions in Marketing, Product, Customer Relations or Technology, we welcome great talent to join Penta in Berlin or Belgrade. Just get in touch and help us shape the future of modern business banking!

Ready to kick off your fintech career?

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