All-in-One business account for your OHG

Fast and innovative online banking:
Access for all associates, VISA company cards, automated bookkeeping and sub-accounts for tax reserves – get your OHG business account in only 48h!

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See what our customers are saying – from solopreneurs to CEOs

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”

penta business account office young man
penta business account office young man

Modern Online Banking

Benefits for your OHG

Control your expenses, payments, access for co-founders and tax consultants, and create sub-accounts to analyze team expenses – via app or browser.

Your digital business account with a German IBAN offers seamless integration of your bookkeeping, innovative booking and receipt management, as well as carrying out international bank transfers in more than 35 currencies with full price transparency and 100% security.

business banking penta
business banking penta

Team Banking

Innovative banking solutions for your business

  • Add company cards and users with individual permissions
  • Set budget limits for individual cards, up to €25,000 / month per card
  • Open sub-accounts for your tax reserve, internal projects or investments
  • Attach digital receipts, categories and notes to transactions
  • Define individual access rights for your tax consultant


Bookkeeping of the future

You spend a lot of time on your bookkeeping? The efficient functions and the uncluttered design of the Penta business account show how easy it can be.

We offer an easy linkage of your bookkeeping tools, as well as the automatic synchronization of your transactions so that the management of your bank transfers, direct debits, and card payments is done without a hassle.

Open your business account in 3 steps

  1. Account application
  2. Account confirmation
  3. Welcome!


Real-time updates on costs & spendings

  • Adjust your Penta account as your business grows

  • No permanent commitments – account can be adjusted anytime

  • 100% transparent and comprehensible costs

mann am laptop im büro kostenloses geschäftskonto
mann am laptop im büro kostenloses geschäftskonto


Your money is safe with Penta

  • Your business bank account is kept with solarisBank and supervised by the German banking authority BaFin
  • Deposits are protected up to €100.000
  • Data protection under GDPR
  • Cyber security including SSL encryption of sensitive data

Banking that make businesses succeed.


The Penta business account is a beneficial account, which is specially designed for companies. It is comparable to a bank account for private individuals but usually offers more extensive functions. Nevertheless, the basis for both is to make and receive payments.

Opening a bank account makes sense for every company owner, regardless of the legal form chosen, in order to separate private and business transactions neatly with the help of a company account. This will make it easier for you when filing your tax return or during a tax audit, so that you can clearly prove all business transactions. However, if you want to set up an OHG or have already done so, there is no obligation to open your own business account. However, since there is a duty to keep double-entry books and prepare the balance sheet for OHG companies, opening a business bank account is highly recommended.

If you want to open your business account for your OHG, or open a second account, you basically need the following information:

  • Type of company
  • Business activities
  • Industry
  • Industry code
  • Number of employees
  • Ownership and company structure
  • and the most important (expected) financial ratios

For identification purposes, it is necessary to carry out a video identification procedure through our partner, IDnow. During this procedure, a consultant will check your identification documents online.

  • You founded a company in Germany
  • You live in Germany or abroad
  • We support all legal forms – Here you can find a list

We currently offer two options: The “Starter” plan for €9 per month, the “Comfort” plan for €19 per month and the “Enterprise” plan for €49 per month (all excl. VAT). In our pricing list, you will find a detailed overview of the included services for each account plan.

With Penta you can adapt your plan at any time in a flexible and easy way. Or, of course, you can change your account if you wish to make adjustments to your company form. If you change your company to a limited liability company (GmbH), you can change your master data very quickly.

This question seems really logical, because a OHG is often founded by people who want to keep their main job and earn a few Euros with their hobby as a sideline. But today, the OHG business account does not have to be expensive: You can get a Penta business account for as little as 9 euros per month.

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