The business account for those who want more

Penta is the all-in-one solution for your finances.
Spend less time on administration and more time focusing on what’s important – your business. Open your business account in 48 hours.

Manage your finances with Penta


Set up sub-accounts for your taxes, teams and investments.

VISA Cards

Get free company cards for your co-founders or employees.

Direct Debits

Collect one-off or recurring payments by SEPA Direct Debit.

Accounting integration

Connect your business account with DATEV and other accounting tools.

Mobile App

Manage your business account from wherever you are – on your smartphone with the Penta app.


Simply apply for a loan with favourable terms through your Penta account.

Penta Online Geschäftskonto eröffnen
Penta Online Geschäftskonto eröffnen

Made for your business

Business account advantages

With Penta, you get a full-fledged digital business account that features a German IBAN and an intuitive user interface – on the app or in your browser.


With your Penta business account and you can:

  • add additional users
  • control spending limits for employees and your tax adviser’s access to your figures
  • make collective transfers
  • assign receipts to your payments
  • get the best customer support in English and German

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Start by selecting the pricing plan that fits your needs. For each plan you choose, you will also be able to add more features at an extra cost.


With the starter package, you are best equipped to conquer your daily business banking as it covers all basic needs. Ideal for startups or smaller businesses.

9 €
/month (+ VAT)
One month free. Cancel anytime.
Penta Banking
  • 2 Users

  • 2 Cards

  • 100 Outgoing SCTs

  • 1 Subaccounts

  • 2 ATM Withdrawals

  • Lexoffice, Debitoor, DATEV Unternehmen online

  • 1% FX Mark-up

  • SDD Collections

  • Penta rewards

  • DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Point-of-Sale Banking

  • Chat support

Most popular


Enjoy a more extensive and comfortable offer, includes everything you need to help your business grow. Perfect for companies managing more employees with multiple transactions.

19 €
/month (+ VAT)
One month free. Cancel anytime.
Penta Banking
  • 5 Users

      ? Get additional banking logins for your co-founder(s), accountant(s) or employee(s). Every additional user above your plan allowance is charged with 2 € per month.
  • 5 Cards

      ? Get additional company cards for your co-founder(s) or employees to do easy expense management. Every additional card above your plan allowance is charged with €2 per card.
  • 300 Outgoing SCTs

      ? Includes standing orders and scheduled / recurring transfers in the SEPA-zone. Each additional outgoing transfer above your plan costs €0.20. Incoming transfers and EUR card transactions are free and unlimited.
  • 4 Subaccounts

  • 3 ATM Withdrawals

      ? Starter includes 2 monthly cash withdrawals, Comfort includes 3 monthly cash withdrawals for free and Enterprise 9 monthly cash withdrawals for free. Each additional cash withdrawal is subject to a small fee of €2.50.
  • Lexoffice, Debitoor, DATEV Unternehmen online

      ? Directly integrate your account with Lexoffice or Debitoor. Export your transactions to Datev, Felix1, and other tools using our MT940 export functionality.
  • 0,5% FX Mark-up

      ? Make local or priority payments in foreign currencies thanks to our partner Currencycloud. Non-priority payments via local routes are charged 3.50 € each, while priority payments via the SWIFT network are charged a fee ranging from 15 € to 30 € each depending on the payment type and destination country. We also apply a markup on the traded amount for non-EUR currencies (1% for Starter Plan, 0.5% for Comfor Plan and 0.3% for Enterprise Plan).
  • SDD Collections

      ? Let third parties charge your account via SEPA Direct Debit (SDD). Payments via the SDD Core and SDD B2B schemes are supported and free and unlimited. SDD collections are currently only supported via the SDD Core scheme. €0.30 are charged for each collected Direct Debit. Failed or returned payment collections are charged €3 each.
  • Penta rewards

      ? Get access to special curated deals for SMEs.
  • DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Point-of-Sale Banking

      ? Accept credit, debit and contactless payments in partnership with SumUp. No monthly fee, €29 one-time payment. 0.9% of the revenue of debit card payments, 1.9% of the revenue of credit card payments.
  • Chat support


We grow with you! This pricing model is perfect for bigger companies who need multiple users, cards and subaccounts and who have a high transaction volume.

49 €
/month (+ VAT)
One month free. Cancel anytime.
Penta Banking
  • 15 Users

  • 15 Cards

  • 600 Outgoing SCTs

  • 6 Subaccounts

  • 9 ATM Withdrawals

  • Lexoffice, Debitoor, DATEV Unternehmen online

  • 0,3% FX Mark-up

  • SDD Collections

  • Penta rewards

  • DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Point-of-Sale Banking

  • Chat support

A no-stress process

Open your business account online

Lastschriftverfahren Penta wie es funktioniert
Lastschriftverfahren Penta wie es funktioniert

How it works

  1. Open a business account
    Simply enter in data about your business and get started.
  2. Account verification
    Your identity and business are verified with the help of IDnow VideoIdent.
  3. Done!
    Time is more than money, and you’ll save it when banking online with your new Penta business account.
Penta Bankenvergleich bestes Geschäftskonto
Penta Bankenvergleich bestes Geschäftskonto

Best business bank accounts comparison

How Penta’s business account compares

Whether you’re self-employed, a start-up or an SME – our business account comparison gives you the lowdown on different accounts, their features and their pricing.

40k+ German Businesses trust Penta with their banking.

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”

Frequently asked questions

A business bank account is a bank account specifically dedicated to companies. It is comparable to a bank account for private individuals, but usually offers more extensive functions. Nevertheless, the basis of both is making and receiving payments.

We currently offer two options: The “Starter” plan for €9 per month, the “Comfort” plan for €19 per month and the “Enterprise” plan for €49 per month (all excl. VAT). In our price list, you will find a detailed overview of the included services for each account plan.

Every company registered in Germany. Currently, our corporate account is available for many legal forms such as UG, GmbH, AG, GbR, OHG, PartG, KG, e.K., eG, and Einzelunternehmer (sole proprietor). In addition, companies with the legal forms GmbH and UG in foundation can benefit from our offer.

If you want to open your business account for your GmbH online, or open a second account, you basically need the following information:

  • Type of company
  • Business activities
  • Industry
  • Industry code
  • Number of employees
  • Ownership and company structure
  • and the most important (expected) financial ratios

    For identification purposes, it is necessary to carry out a video identification procedure through our partner, IDnow. During this procedure, a consultant will check your identification documents online.

We place high importance on fast and convenient solutions, so the opening of a business bank account with Penta only takes you around 15 minutes. Afterwards, we verify your information and within just a few days, you can benefit from your business bank account.

Penta offers you a modern and digital corporate account with a German IBAN and all the traditional banking services you need. Save time with automated accounting, VISA business cards and smart account features.

You can find more information in our online banking-comparison.

Join Penta business banking.

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