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The best business banking platform for your company

Credit cards for your team, automated accounting, premium customer service and 100% security – that’s what Penta offers you. Open a corporate account for your company today in just a few minutes.

30k+ German Businesses trust Penta with their Banking.

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”


The Penta corporate account advantages

  • Modern company account with German IBAN and certified security
  • Individual Business Debit Cards for you and your team
  • Easy linking with your accounting systems
  • No booking without receipt
  • iPhone and Android apps for mobile banking on the move


Open a business account in a few steps

  1. Applying for the company account

    Fill out basic information about your company and perform a 3-minute online video identification with IDnow. That’s all. You can find more information about the documents in the FAQs below.

  2. Verification of the account

    In order to verify your identity with the help of IDnow, we need some information for legal reasons. The company account must be opened by a legal representative.

  3. Advantages of the account for your company

    You benefit from our premium support with your Penta corporate account. Multiple Business Debit Cards for your team allow easy budget control and innovative features facilitate accounting and financial management. Your account grows with your business and can be easily adapted to your needs.


Why the Penta online business account is the best choice

  • Choose your package according to the size of your business and account requirements
  • Link your Penta account to Debitoor or Lexoffice
  • More time for the core business through time savings in accounting
  • Guarantee of no hidden costs through 100% transparency and simple operation via app


How Penta helps your company save costs

  • No hidden costs and clear invoices
  • Continuous innovation and use of the latest technologies
  • Time saved through automated accounting leads to cost savings
  • Keep an eye on real-time spending in your app


Your money is safe with Penta

  • Account management with solarisBank AG, a credit institution supervised by BaFin
  • Deposit protection up to €100,000
  • Data protection secured according to DSGVO guidelines
  • Complete cybersecurity with SSL encryption for sensitive data


You can easily create your business account with Penta from home on your laptop within 10 minutes. All we need is some information about you and your company. After your registration, we only need to verify your identity, which is done by video call. This saves you a time-consuming appointment with a branch bank.

We attach great importance to quick and uncomplicated solutions. Therefore, opening a business account with us takes only 15 minutes. We will then check your options and you can benefit from your corporate account within a few days.

The accounting integration is already included in Pentas starter, comfort and enterprise offers.

Penta is always about people. Our team consists of colleagues who have already gained practical business experience and understand exactly what your challenges are. Our support team is always trained on the latest state-of-the-art so that they can help you even better and faster.

At the same time, Penta’s internal organization is very different from other banks. We have a proprietary support interface that allows us to solve most problems in minutes without the need for technical or other assistance.

We are required by law to verify your personal identity. For this purpose we use the video identification of our partner IDnow. After you have provided all the information about you and your company, we will forward you to IDnow in the final step. In a video chat you will be asked to hold your ID document in the camera of your smartphone or PC and confirm some information. The VideoIdent process takes no longer than 3 minutes. You can learn more here.

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