The Business Account for Sole Proprietors

Save time and simplify your day-to-day business with integrated accounting, smart expense management, additional subaccounts and multiple company Visa Cards for your team.

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See what our customers are saying – from solopreneurs to CEOs

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”


Online Banking for Entrepreneurs

Control your expenses, payments, access for co-founders and accountants and create sub-accounts to analyze your team’s expenses – via app or browser.

A 100% digital current account with German IBAN offers a seamless integration of your accounting, innovative accounting and receipts management and the international money transfer in more than 35 currencies with full price transparency and 100% security.

receipt accounting bookkeeping gbr
receipt accounting bookkeeping gbr


Save Time and Money with your Accounting

  • Direct connection to your accounting software
  • Simplified tax declaration as sole proprietor – Direct integration with DATEV companies online
  • Automatic synchronisation of all transactions with lexoffice, BuchhaltungsButler, sevDesk, and many more
  • Simple transmission to your tax consultant
sub-accounts penta
sub-accounts penta


Sub-Accounts for more efficient Financial Management

  • Set funds aside for tax reserves
  • Split the finances of your teams and departments

  • SEPA payment capabilities including Direct Debit collections from your account

  • Receive and move funds between internal and external accounts

Open your sole proprietor business account in a few steps


Account application

Enter data about your company and get started.


Account confirmation

Verification of your identity with the help of IDnow VideoIdent and validation of your business.



Choose a plan that suits you and simplify your business – with all our features.


Real-time updates on costs & spendings

  • Adjust your Penta account as your business grows

  • No permanent commitments for sole proprietors – account can be adjusted anytime

  • 100% transparent and comprehensible costs

mann am laptop im büro kostenloses geschäftskonto
mann am laptop im büro kostenloses geschäftskonto


Your money is safe with Penta

  • Your business bank account is kept with solarisBank and supervised by the German banking authority BaFin
  • Deposits are protected up to €100.000
  • Data protection under GDPR
  • Cyber security including SSL encryption of sensitive data

Open your online business account for sole proprietors now!


A business bank account is a bank account for sole proprietors, specially designed for businesses. It is comparable to a bank account for private individuals, but usually offers more extensive functions. Nevertheless, the basis for both is to make and receive payments.

Opening a business account with Penta includes, for example: services tailored to the needs of individual entrepreneurs, such as the integration of accounting software, the management of several business debit cards and many free transactions per month. This is how easily a Penta Business Account can help any individual entrepreneur on the road to success.

The whole registration process is done online and after the onboarding, you can immediately access your account. To open your account, you must provide basic information like your name as well as date and place of birth. For identification purposes, it is necessary to carry out a video identification procedure through our partner, IDnow. During this procedure, a consultant will check your identification documents online.

If you want to start a sole proprietorship, or if you already run a business with the legal form of a sole proprietorship, you are not obliged to keep a business account. Corporations, on the other hand, must open a business account that is used exclusively for business purposes.

We currently offer two options: The “Starter” plan for €9 per month, the “Comfort” plan for €19 per month and the “Enterprise” plan for €49 per month (all excl. VAT). In our pricing list, you will find a detailed overview of the included services for each account plan.

Only companies that are registered in the Trade Register have an obligation to maintain a business account in Germany. However, even if this is not the case, it is recommended to open a business current account for every company. This way, private payments can be separated from business payments and you can keep track of your company’s finances.

We place high importance on fast and convenient solutions. Therefore, the opening of a business bank account with Penta only takes you around 15 minutes. Afterwards, we verify your information and within 48 hours, you can profit from your business bank account.

We are required by law to verify your personal identity. For this purpose we use the video identification of our partner IDnow. After you have provided all the information about you and your company, we will forward you to IDnow in the final step. In a video chat you will be asked to hold your ID document in the camera of your smartphone or PC and confirm some information. The VideoIdent process takes no longer than 3 minutes. You can learn more here.

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