Easy online accounting preparation

Penta helps streamline your accounting. Simply connect your business account with your accounting tool and manage everything from expenses to receipts to taxes – online.

Buchhaltung online vorbereiten Penta banking

Preparatory accounting

In sync with your accounting tool

  • Quickly connect your Penta account to your bookkeeping tool
  • Synchronise your data in real time with DATEV, lexoffice, BuchhaltungsButler, sevDesk and several other solutions
  • Directly transfer all your transaction data to your tax accountant
penta preparatory accounting desktop
penta preparatory accounting desktop

Save time with direct integration

DATEV integration

Synchronise your expense data by connecting your Penta account to DATEV. When you import your uploaded receipts using DATEV’s Belegbilderservice, your tax accountant will automatically have all your data in the appropriate digital format.

Spesen uns Belege scannen mit Smartphone mobile
Spesen uns Belege scannen mit Smartphone mobile

Accounting on the go

Book receipts in real time

Store receipts immediately as an image in your account.


  • Just take a picture of the receipt and attach it to your payment
  • Categorise the expense and insert any necessary notes
  • Save the receipt for your bookkeeping

Annual financial statements and tax returns made easy

Make your tax accountant’s life easier

  • Manage your tax accountant’s access to your data
  • Save time and money by optimising your communication
  • Ensure tax-compliant booking of earnings and expenses

See what our customers are saying – from solopreneurs to CEOs

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”

Frequently asked questions

Currently, Penta accounts can be connected with DATEV, lexoffice, BuchhaltungsButler, Papierkram, Billomat, CANDIS, and FastBill.

More information on how to connect your Penta account with your bookkeeping tool can be found here.

Transactions will usually show up in your tool within a day. If you’re using lexoffice your transactions are synced in real time.

The integration of your bookkeeping tool is included in Penta’s Starter, Comfort and Enterprise plans.

Your transaction data can be automatically sent to DATEV Unternemehen Online or other Accounting tools.

The following transaction data will be sent:

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Purpose
  • IBAN
  • Recipient

Your transaction data will be sent 4 times a day. See here for instructions on how to set this up.

Penta desktop mobile business banking

The better way to do accounting.

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