Save 11 hours per week on accounting

Penta’s accounting integrations let you automatically synchronize transactions in real time and avoid manual work.


Spend more time on your business and less on accounting

  • Connect your lexoffice or debitoor account to Penta in seconds
  • Avoid manual work – your transactions are synchronized automatically in real time
  • Your receipts in Penta will be directly sent to your accounting software (coming soon)


Know when your invoices are paid

  • Create offers and invoices right within your accounting solution
  • See when your invoices are paid


Make your accountant’s life easy

  • Give limited account access to your tax accountant
  • Save money using less of your accountant’s time
  • Simplify the tax filing process

Not using lexoffice or debitoor?

Penta provides the MT940 export so that you can import your transaction data into
many more accounting tools.


lexoffice and debitoor are currently available. You can set up the connection in the “Accounting” tab in Penta.

No. HBCI is an obsolete technology that hinders automated accounting as with HBCI, your accounting software needs to be updated manually.

We have implemented the latest technology that makes it easier to synchronize your banking data with your accounting software using REST APIs.

This way, we are sending your bookings in real-time to your favorite accounting tools.

When you connect your accounting software to Penta for the first time, it can take a few minutes. Going forward, all the transactions will be synchronized immediately.

We are working on integrating with Datev, the integration will be available within the next few months.

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