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Whether it’s the fuel for your transporter, hotel bookings, monthly web hosting fees, advertising expenses or your wholesale shopping cart. Simplify and automate those payments using Penta Expense Management that has been developed specifically for the needs of German SMEs.



Manage your spending and business expenses better!

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Team cards for every employee

Physical Team Cards with custom spending limits for your whole team.

No transaction without receipt

Simply assign a PDF or photo to each transaction – in the mobile or web app.

Stay on top of things

Receive personalized push notifications on your mobile phone and in your Penta dashboard.

Automated accounting

Bookkeeping can’t be avoided – why not automate it in order to save time and money?

Never top up your card again

Do not waste time with prepaid cards.

Highest security

Authorize or decline fraudulent transactions with SmartAgent.

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Team cards for every employee

Increase your team’s productivity!

  • Each employee receives their own debit card.
  • Set individual spending limits per card.
  • Change card limits and pin in real-time.
  • Keep track of your company spending with real-time notifications for each transaction.


No more Paperwork!

  • New: Add notes to your transactions with helpful information for your accountant, such as the cost center and the occasion.
  • Simply attach a PDF or photo to each transaction and download them all in one go
  • Smart push notifications remind you to upload missing receipts.
  • Sort and categorize every transaction for faster accounting.

Tidy desk, tidy mind

Stay on top of your finances

  • Employees can only see their own expenses – the manager can see them all!
  • All information in real-time and not at the end of the month – expense management from the very beginning.
  • It doesn’t stop with the transaction – benefit from accounting integrations with lexoffice and DATEV.
  • All transactions and receipts can be easily exported.


Your all-in-one solution for your spendings, expenses & accounting

For managers

Managing a company or a team is not easy. There are plenty of tasks to deal with aside from your daily business – tasks which actually keep you from focusing on your core business. The solution: Use your time and competence wisely on the tasks which create the biggest value for your customers and the company. Everything else should be diminished – and, ideally, automated.

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In particular, managing costs and business expenses can quickly become a full day’s work. Which is the best provider? How can you pay? What about the billing? What to do with the receipts? Do those expenses fit into my budget? These are all questions that almost every manager, team leader or entrepreneur has to answer every day.

Penta Expense Management has been developed precisely to remedy this situation. Together with many thousands of German companies, we looked at how we could simplify this issue, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

With Expense Management from Penta, all expenses and purchases are made easy, from buying milk for the coffee machine to ordering the new laptop, from paying the fuel for the company car to getting a train ticket online, from AWS or Google Cloud hosting costs to Facebook marketing spendings and the weekly wholesale shopping cart.

For accountants

The restaurant’s new menu has to be printed soon, the new project has to go live, the revenue has to increase – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, all too often we realize that all those actions have to be reflected in the books, as well. The accounting department’s effort is to make sure that they receive all the relevant information and receipts. Eventually, the tax authorities expect the VAT advance payment returns, your annual financial statements and their enquiries to be answered. The cleaner and more up-to-date the accounting, the less trouble for you. Annual financial statements and special audits cost time and nerves.

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Unfortunately, not everyone in the company is always aware of the importance of proper accounting. Often the requirements from the accounting department go by the board.

We are convinced that this does not have to be the case. Therefore, we have developed our Expense Management feature together with thousands of German companies.

With our Expense Management, all expenses and purchases, may it be the coffee for the office’s coffee machine, the new printer, the fuel for the company transporter used for deliveries, the hotel booking for the team leader, the hosting costs for AWS or Google Cloud, the marketing spendings at Facebook and Google or a wholesale shopping cart for a catering job – with Penta, those expenses are easy, digitized and automated.

This includes not only the function for team members to upload their documents directly, but also automated reminders if they have forgotten to do so. Through the integration of DATEV, lexoffice, or others, the bookings and receipts are automatically sent to the accounting department. Finally, there is someone who saves you time and trouble and takes over a part of the accounting work.
Only if the accounting is working seamlessly, the company and it’s employees can run smoothly.

For personnel

“Max, can you get milk for the coffee machine, please?”
“Jessica, we should be booking train tickets now.”
“Felix and Marc, you have to set up the booth for the fair in Düsseldorf now.”
“Mia, we should launch the new Google campaign.”
“We’ll go to the wholesale now to get all items for the festival we’re organizing, it’ll cost a lot of money again.”
Thousands of employees of different companies have shared such or similar daily challenges with us. Procedures which actually do not sound quite complicated, can definitely be so in reality.
So, how do Max, Mia, Jessica, Marc and Felix and their colleagues cover their company expenses?

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They pay either cash or use the company’s single business credit card which is passed around. And once the accountant asks for the receipt, no one can remember having bought anything, at all.

Cash handling is always expensive and time-consuming, whether in the office, at a remote workshop, in a practice or restaurant. Of course, there is the risk of losing it, as well.

This stops now. With Penta’s Expense Management, all expenses and purchases, from tea for the kitchen, the new office chair, recharging the e-scooter, flight tickets, server hosting costs, to marketing spendings are now easy, digital and automated.
Each team member can have their own card, including the responsibility that comes with it. This trust in the employee should actually always exist. As a team leader or company representative, you determine the spending limit individually for every card – it can also be topped up or reduced in real-time at any point of time. The payment receipts can immediately be uploaded through the app which sweeps away the annoying task of collecting paper receipts. Of course, the cumbersome accounting procedures with keeping three copies of receipts is no longer necessary.

This turns seemingly simple activities into actually simple activities – completely unbureaucratic.
Penta simplifies accounting with modern company cards and appealing design.

Case Study

No more cumbersome procedures – starting from today!

The management of a company’s own finances has always been a challenge for employees, the leadership and accountants alike. At the heart of financial management, there is the company fund. It provides the necessary cash supply for all daily business expenses, such as fuel, coffee or printing paper. Larger expenses, such as the booking of business trips or the purchase of new office supplies, were often paid in advance.

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However, due to the increasing transparency that comes with price comparisons and services as well as the immediate availability of all relevant purchase information, companies have become more and more conscious in the selection of products and the ordering of services. A brief price comparison immediately reveals how a product or service is positioned in the market. In addition, the abundance of diverse cloud services has fundamentally changed the IT infrastructure of many companies. Almost every company today has a website, runs online ads or uses cloud storage.

All these services and products have to be paid for, but cash is simply no longer appropriate. It takes a lot of effort to keep sufficient cash on hand at all times, the risk of fraud is higher and the paperwork related to accounting requires a huge amount of effort. In order to avoid the disadvantages of using cash for everyday purposes, many companies rely on the use of a corporate credit card. This card is used for all payments: whether for the purchase of an office chair or the payment of a supplier. 

But is passing around a single business credit card and tracking down receipts on paper really beneficial for the daily work of employees and for the accounting itself? Every transaction requires a receipt, a cost centre and a type. This procedure is also neither transparent nor easy to understand.

With the Penta Expense Management solution all these problems belong to the past!

Every employee can receive his own company card with individual spending limit. The leadership decides whether this card is only used online or also offline and whether cash can be withdrawn. The best thing is: all settings can be changed in real time at any time, 365 days a year. This is what security, overview and control feels like. 

It is not necessary to visit a bank branch in order to set up the settings or open an account. With Penta’s Expense Management, all settings can be changed instantly via online banking or via the Penta app. All ingoing and outgoing transactions can be viewed at any time: The company representative or accountant sees everything, while employees see only their own card. 

With Penta’s Expense Management the search for receipts is over! As soon as an employee makes a payment, the app reminds them to upload the corresponding receipt. Using the app, either a photo of the receipt can be taken or the PDF invoice from the confirmation email can be attached to the transaction in two steps. Your accounting department sees the transaction and the corresponding receipt directly, so they can track the transaction and complete the booking immediately. The subsequent process can also be automated by direct integration into conventional accounting systems.

Start today with Penta Expense Management and benefit from full expense management and company cards for your entire team! Concentrate all your energy on your business instead of wasting time on administrative procedures.

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