Penta + Google Pay™

Google Pay is the easiest way to make mobile and online payments. Included in every Penta plan.
Start using Google Pay for free.

Set up Google Pay and Penta

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment service that connects to your Penta card. You can use it to pay online, in stores using your smartphone, and to send money. Super simple and secure, without contact or card.

Google Pay and Penta set up fast and convenient payments
Google Pay and Penta set up fast and convenient payments

The benefits of using Google Pay with Penta

Flash your phone for in-store payments

Unlock your phone, hold it near the contactless payment terminal, done. You don’t even need to open the Google Pay app.

Pay online with a couple of clicks

Checkout by selecting Google Pay and entering your card’s security code. That’s it! No need to fill out your payment info.

Seamlessly transfer money to others

Forget filling out IBANs. Open the Google Pay app, select a recipient (contact, email, or phone number), add the amount, and hit ‘Send’.

How to set up Google Pay with your Penta card


Download the Google Pay app from your smartphone or sign in to Google Pay from your browser.


Add your Penta card in the Google Pay app or as a payment method on the Google Pay website.


Start making payments online and via your mobile phone!

Why Penta customers love using Google Pay


Connect your Penta card with Google Pay so you don’t have to take it out or fill in forms to make payments.


Custom settings, screen-lock protection, and tokenization make Google Pay safer than swiping a card or paying with cash.


Add and use transit passes, event tickets, loyalty programs, gift cards, and special offers all in one place.

Open your Penta account and start spending with Google Pay

Open your business account in minutes, add your Penta Visa card, and start spending
right away – even before your physical card arrives!

30 days free • Cancel anytime


Google Pay is a free service available on iOS and Windows browsers as well as a mobile app in the Google Play Store.

Yes, every Penta plan supports Google Pay.

Every Penta Visa Business card works with Google Pay, though there may be some restrictions depending on your country. You can also add multiple cards on Google Pay.

Google Pay works with both iOS and Android devices, though the Google Pay app is only available in the Google Play store.

  1. Download the Google Pay app from your mobile device. Visit the Payment methods section, then click on the blue + Card button. Or, from the main screen, click on ‘Add a card’, then select Credit or Debit Card.
  2. Click on the blue + Payment method button to add a new one and manually enter your card information. Alternatively, you may be able to scan your card.
  3. Confirm the information.
  4. Verify your card with a confirmation code sent via text or email. Enter it and you’re done!

Currently, Google Pay is available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

*Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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