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Expand your Business with Sub-Accounts

Create Sub-Accounts with a few clicks to put aside tax reserves, manage teams or save for investments. Take advantage of a fully-functional bank account.

More than 30,000 companies trust Penta with their Banking

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”


Each Sub-Account has all the functionality you love and know

  • Open within seconds without application process
  • Your own additional German IBAN
  • SEPA payment capabilities including Direct Debit collections from your account
  • Payment file upload (batch payments)
  • Bank statements
  • Receive and move funds between internal and external accounts
  • Available with Starter and Comfort Plans
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Put aside tax reserves, manage teams or make savings easy

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  • Set aside funds for tax reserves
  • Split the finances of your teams and departments
  • Save every month for investments
  • Separate your income streams
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Full control over Sub-Accounts

sub-accounts permissions
  • Control permissions for each of your Sub-Account
  • Allow your employees or accountant to view some or all Sub-Accounts
  • Check permissions for each account and user at a glance
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Your money is safe with Penta

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  • Your business bank account is kept with solarisBank and supervised by the German banking authority BaFin
  • Deposits are protected up to €100.000
  • Data protection under GDPR
  • Cyber security including SSL encryption of sensitive data

Open a Business Account online in just a few Steps


Open Account

Enter data about your company and complete a 3 minute online video identification.


Account confirmation

Confirm your identity using VideoIdent by IDnow and verify your business.


You’re up and running!

Your account is ready to use, and we’ll send your card to you in a couple of days.

Penta Banking

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Sub-Accounts are just additional accounts on top of your already existing main account with Penta. Each of these accounts comes with an individual IBAN, allowing you to receive and send payments from Sub-Accounts.
With each Sub-Account, you can view transactions, and perform single or multiple payments. You can also download the bank statements or export your transactions, just like you know it from your Main Account.

Sub-accounts offer many advantages for your business. Sub-accounts are a simple and straightforward way to separate funds for different projects, expenses, or different business locations. Sub-accounts also allow you to set aside reserves for future tax liabilities and scale the right areas of your business by opening a sub-account for each of your company’s products or services.

Sub-accounts also provide a clear view of the profitability of your business units, the different markets your company operates in, or the future investments you plan to make.

Sub-Accounts can be created with a couple of clicks via the Penta WebApp in the Accounts menu, as long as you are an Admin on your already-existing account.

While you create your Sub-Account, we ask you to verify that the business details we hold about your business are still up-to-date. You will also have to accept the Terms & Conditions of our banking partner, which are the same Terms & Conditions that you accepted during the creation of your very first Penta account.

Sub-Accounts are available in our Advanced and Premium plan offering.

If you use the Advanced plan, you can create and use one Sub-Account to separate income flows or put aside funds for tax payments. With the Premium plan, you can create up to four Sub-Accounts for your business.

Currently, only Admins of your Penta account have access to Sub-Accounts. However, we are planning to offer the same level of granularity you have with the current permissions, by allowing you to set permissions separately for each account.

Once you created your Sub-Account, you can see it in the list of existing recipients in your Payments menu.

Start by selecting the account you want to transfer funds from. Then click on the Sub-Account, enter an amount and confirm the transfer. No TAN is needed for single payments between your accounts.

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