The Penta Visa card
– usable worldwide

Get a contactless Penta Visa debit card with any plan you choose. Get your Penta Visa card in a few minutes.

Visa Card Penta

Penta Visa Card benefits

Use your Visa card worldwide

Pay worldwide with your Visa card, make online payments or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Manage expenses

Keep track at all times with push notifications after each transaction.

Contactless payment

Pay in-store without contact using NFC technology or via Google Pay.

penta security online
penta security online

Simple management

Penta Visa card: As flexible As You

Manage your cards with only a few clicks on the Web App or on the road with the Penta mobile app.

Personal Visa Cards

Multiple Cards

The Penta account comes with extra Penta business debit cards for each additional user you add to your account. The Penta Comfort account includes up to 5 cards and users.

Travel flexibility

Your money when you need it

Every Penta account comes with 2 domestic cash withdrawals each monthly. Penta Comfort accounts also include unlimited free foreign currency withdrawals.

Visa Card online and offline payments

Higher Limits for Your Business Growth

With Penta Comfort you can enjoy up to € 40,000 online limits per month and per card.

Keep the overview

Instant notifications

Manage the cashflow immediately and stay in the now. With an instant push-notification after every incoming and outgoing transaction, you stay always in the loop.

Highest security for online transactions

3-D Secure for extra protection

Spend with trust. Every online payment you make with your Penta Visa and Mastercard comes with 3DS protection—for an added layer of protection.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Start by selecting the pricing plan that fits your needs. For each plan you choose, you will also be able to add more features at an extra cost.


With the starter package, you are best equipped to conquer your daily business banking as it covers all basic needs. Ideal for startups or smaller businesses.

9 €
/month (+ VAT)
One month free. Cancel anytime.
Penta Banking
  • 2 Users

  • 2 Cards

  • 100 Outgoing SCTs

  • 1 Subaccounts

  • 2 ATM Withdrawals

  • Lexoffice, Debitoor, DATEV Unternehmen online

  • 1% FX Mark-up

  • SDD Collections

  • Penta rewards

  • DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Point-of-Sale Banking

  • Chat support

Most popular


Enjoy a more extensive and comfortable offer, includes everything you need to help your business grow. Perfect for companies managing more employees with multiple transactions.

19 €
/month (+ VAT)
One month free. Cancel anytime.
Penta Banking
  • 5 Users

      ? Get additional banking logins for your co-founder(s), accountant(s) or employee(s). Every additional user above your plan allowance is charged with 2 € per month.
  • 5 Cards

      ? Get additional company cards for your co-founder(s) or employees to do easy expense management. Every additional card above your plan allowance is charged with €2 per card.
  • 300 Outgoing SCTs

      ? Includes standing orders and scheduled / recurring transfers in the SEPA-zone. Each additional outgoing transfer above your plan costs €0.20. Incoming transfers and EUR card transactions are free and unlimited.
  • 4 Subaccounts

  • 3 ATM Withdrawals

      ? Starter includes 2 monthly cash withdrawals, Comfort includes 3 monthly cash withdrawals for free and Enterprise 9 monthly cash withdrawals for free. Each additional cash withdrawal is subject to a small fee of €2.50.
  • Lexoffice, Debitoor, DATEV Unternehmen online

      ? Directly integrate your account with Lexoffice or Debitoor. Export your transactions to Datev, Felix1, and other tools using our MT940 export functionality.
  • 0,5% FX Mark-up

      ? Make local or priority payments in foreign currencies thanks to our partner Currencycloud. Non-priority payments via local routes are charged 3.50 € each, while priority payments via the SWIFT network are charged a fee ranging from 15 € to 30 € each depending on the payment type and destination country. We also apply a markup on the traded amount for non-EUR currencies (1% for Starter Plan, 0.5% for Comfor Plan and 0.3% for Enterprise Plan).
  • SDD Collections

      ? Let third parties charge your account via SEPA Direct Debit (SDD). Payments via the SDD Core and SDD B2B schemes are supported and free and unlimited. SDD collections are currently only supported via the SDD Core scheme. €0.30 are charged for each collected Direct Debit. Failed or returned payment collections are charged €3 each.
  • Penta rewards

      ? Get access to special curated deals for SMEs.
  • DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Point-of-Sale Banking

      ? Accept credit, debit and contactless payments in partnership with SumUp. No monthly fee, €29 one-time payment. 0.9% of the revenue of debit card payments, 1.9% of the revenue of credit card payments.
  • Chat support


We grow with you! This pricing model is perfect for bigger companies who need multiple users, cards and subaccounts and who have a high transaction volume.

49 €
/month (+ VAT)
One month free. Cancel anytime.
Penta Banking
  • 15 Users

  • 15 Cards

  • 600 Outgoing SCTs

  • 6 Subaccounts

  • 9 ATM Withdrawals

  • Lexoffice, Debitoor, DATEV Unternehmen online

  • 0,3% FX Mark-up

  • SDD Collections

  • Penta rewards

  • DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Point-of-Sale Banking

  • Chat support

All Penta payment cards are physical debit cards with contactless NFC technology. With the Visa card, you have direct access to the funds in your Penta account, for example, when withdrawing money from an ATM or paying in a store.

No, the Penta company card linked to your business account is a debit card. You can spend as much money as you have available on your account.

You can set an individual payment limit for each individual corporate card. The total limit for a single card is a maximum of 65,000€ per month – 40,000€ for online payments and 25,000€ for offline payments, including cash withdrawals up to 10,000€ per month.

The maximum spending limit per day is 20,000€ – 10,000€ for online payments and 10,000€ for offline payments, including cash withdrawals up to 3,000€ per day.

This limit applies to a single card, so with each additional card the total possible limit for your business increases.


After opening your corporate account with Penta, a Visa card will be automatically sent to your corporate address on file with us.
Each of our pricing models provides you with a certain number of free online banking users and corporate cards, which you can easily set up in your account.

  • With the Starter Plan you can set up and use two online banking users and two Visa debit cards free of charge.
  • With the Comfort Plan you can set up and use five online banking users and five Visa debit cards free of charge.
  • With the Enterprise Plan you can set up and use fifteen online banking users and fifteen Visa debit cards free of charge.
  • With the Comfort & Enterprise Plan you can increase the limit for users and Visa cards further above five. Each additional user costs 2€/month and each additional card costs 3€/month.

The Visa debit card offers you basically the same payment functions as the credit card.

The main difference between a Visa debit card and a credit card is the billing method.

With a credit card, the amount is not debited directly from your account, but the bank grants you a credit line in advance for payments. Payments are settled at the end of the month.

With a Visa debit card, the charge is made immediately within a few days and can only be made from existing funds in your account.

A big advantage of the Visa card is that, unlike a credit card, you do not have to pay interest.

The Penta Visa card offers you the following features and benefits:

  • Make online payments
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide
  • Pay worldwide at terminals with VISA logo
  • Contactless payment with NFC in stores
  • Individual card limits for each user
  • Pay with Google Pay
  • Participation in the Visa Cashback Program

Open your bank account with the Penta Visa Card

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