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All-in-one business banking platform for craftsmen

  • Modern current account with German IBAN
  • Team Cards for your assembly teams and every employee
  • Custom card limits and real-time notifications
  • Easy to integrate with your accounting tool
  • No transaction without a receipt and easy categorization
  • Many more useful features fitted to craft businesses


A trade in hand finds gold in every land – but times are changing here too

One team of craftsmen in the southern, one in the northern part of the Republic. However, both teams lack building materials to complete their installation. In the past, this was a catastrophe. The manager had to talk to suppliers, pay in advance or even drive there by himself. This is not only unfortunate for the customer, but also for the craftsmen – valuable time is lost.

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For craftsmen, whether they are building a new house, renovating or demolishing existing buildings, it is extremely important that they can react flexibly to new circumstances: Drill’s broken? The tiles fell off? In these scenarios, the question repeatedly arises: How can these costs, in addition to fuel or accommodation, simply be paid? Taking large sums of cash with you is not an appropriate solution, let alone accounting for receipts and expenses. Flexibility looks different. From start to finish a thoroughly manual process that sooner or later pushes every company to its limits.

With Penta Expense Management there are no more surprises on the assembly

With Penta Expense Management, each assembly team or colleague can receive their own company card with individual limits. The leader can set the limit for the company card prior to assembly and, if desired, is notified in real-time at each issue. Paying at the petrol station or booking accommodation becomes child’s play. And should something unforeseeable happen on the road, the leader can adjust the card limit in real-time via the app. In the same way, the card can also be frozen or blocked. If a new colleague joins the team, further access to online banking and an additional company card can be applied for.

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