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We contribute to the digitalisation of the health care system and offer the ideal online business account with numerous functions for medical practices, pharmacies, and care facilities.

45,000+ businesses bank on Penta

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”


The benefits of your Penta business account

  • Digital business account and subaccounts with German IBAN
  • Batch payments and clear expense management
  • Individual debit cards for you and your team
  • Accept credit, debit, and contactless payments with Penta POS and SumUp
  • Easy connection to your accounting tool


Why the Penta business account is the best choice

  • Choose a package according to the requirements of your practice or pharmacy – package change possible anytime
  • Manage finances in your team with individual debit cards and payment limits
  • Real-time payments and expenses in your app with easy handling
  • More time for the core business through time savings in banking and accounting
  • Continuous innovation and optimisation through the latest technologies
  • No hidden costs through 100% transparency
Medicine & Pharma
Medicine & Pharma


How to manage a medical practice with your team

“My parents are doctors. We have recognized a trend that more digitalization is on the rise in medical practices as well. From cashless payments in the practice to a fully digital business account that makes internal processes more efficient and secure.”

– Jessica Holzbach, CCO und Co-founder at Penta

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Everyday life in a medical practice can be challenging and requires not only the doctor but the whole team to perform at their best. Full waiting rooms, making appointments through various channels and the pressure to reduce costs are a burden on many medical practices. There is often little time left for the many patients who are eagerly waiting in the morning for the practice to open. Although life expectancy is increasing, not least due to the constant development of medical methods, time for treatment is becoming increasingly scarce.

Patients and the best possible medical care should be the focus of every medical practice. To achieve this, doctors and the entire team need to save more time, which can be ensured by fast and modern business banking. Penta’s mission is to create the optimal solutions and products that help you to manage your finances in the best possible way. With the Penta business account you can keep track of your payments and expenses with real-time notifications. With the help of sub-accounts you can also separate your payment flows according to your individual categories. We also allow you to integrate your Penta account with your accounting software. The data can then be automatically transferred to your accountant and you will benefit from enormous time savings. As a doctor you don’t have to do every task concerning the finances of your practice yourself. You have the possibility to apply for debit cards for your entire team with individual payment limits. This way, small purchases for your practice can be done quickly by your employees. Your patients can use the card reader from our SumUp partnership and pay contactlessly at your practice reception.

With Penta you have the possibility to simplify all financial activities for you as a doctor as well as for your practice team and your patients. We would like to make a decisive contribution to the digitalization and optimization of the health care system.


Your money is safe

  • Your business bank account is kept with solarisBank and supervised by the German banking authority BaFin
  • Deposits are protected up to €100.000
  • Data protection under GDPR
  • Cyber security including SSL encryption of sensitive data


You can open your Penta account online within 10 minutes, whether you are just leaving your doctor’s office, pharmacy or home. We just need some information about you and your business. After you sign up, we only need to confirm your identity via a video call with our partner IDnow.

After you have registered with us, we will check your data once again. Within 48 hours you can use your Penta account for your practice or pharmacy.

With our Starter, Comfort and Enterprise price plans, integration with a variety of accounting tools is included. This allows your transactions on the account to be automatically synchronized with your accounting.

Our team at Penta is made up of people who have often had their own hands-on business experience and therefore understand the challenges you face with your business and can help you overcome them. In addition, Penta’s support team is always trained on the latest technology, so that they can help you even better and faster. With our proprietary support interface, we can solve most problems in minutes, without the need for technical or other assistance from outside companies.

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