Full list of services


EUR 0,10

SEPA transaction (1, 2) 
The first 10 transactions are free of charge. Any additional transaction costs per transaction. (2, 3)

Card payments and direct debits do not create cost.


Transactions outside of SEPA zone

Coming soon

Additional Services

EUR 3.00 plus external costs

Reversals of direct debits

A reversal of direct debits occurs if a direct debit transaction fails.

EUR 5,00

Dunning fee per reminder

For example in cases of insufficient funds for monthly debit card costs.

EUR 10,00

Table of proceeds & income

A full list of all proceeds within all accounts a customer holds at Penta / solarisBank.

EUR 10,00

Issue of duplicates

EUR 10,00

Change of transaction (3) , call back of transaction (3), per transaction

This fee only applies, if the customer himself is responsible for the change of an existing transaction.

EUR 10,00


Possibility to use the Penta account as a pledge for other financial institutions.

EUR 10,00

Bank inquiry – domestic and abroad

Customer can ask for a bank inquiry  to give information about the economic situation ( e.g. creditworthiness, liquidity).

EUR 10,00

Additional confirmation of balance

Written declaration about the balance of the account.

EUR 10,00

Account blocking

Closure of accounts for creditor protection.

EUR 150,00

Penta Emergency Cash Service

No worries. We got your back. 😇

Card Services


Issue price of Mastercards is free of charge.

EUR 2,00

Monthly fee from the second card

The first Debit Card is free of charge. Each additional costs 2 € per month.


Card payments in domestic currencies

2% of transaction value

Card payments in foreign currencies

Within and outside of the EU.

2% (min. EUR 2)

Cash withdrawal in domestic currencies

2% (min. EUR 2)

Cash withdrawal in foreign currencies

Within and outside of the EU.

EUR 100,00

Unjustified reclamation of a transaction (Chargeback)

Order to recall a direct debit which has no legal base.

EUR 10.00

Ordering of a replacement card

In case of self-inflicted loss or defect.

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