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All-in-one business banking platform for medical & care

  • Modern current account with German IBAN
  • Team Cards for your team and every employee
  • Custom card limits and real-time notifications
  • Easy to integrate with your accounting tool
  • No transaction without a receipt and easy categorization
  • Many more useful features fitted to medical offices, pharmacies or care homes.


Managing a nursing company with 15 employees correctly

The care of elderly people or people in need of care is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Life expectancy is increasing, not least because of the ever-evolving medical methods. For many people, the question is how they can ensure a dignified standard of living in old age.

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The nursing care insurance and the offer of assisted living provide answers to this question. Unfortunately, however, there is a shortage of nursing staff, which is why it is becoming increasingly important to offer more and provide the best possible support for nursing staff as an employer. This also includes giving carers sufficient freedom in the exercise of their activities. Many companies have a small fleet of vehicles with small city runabouts, which allow their forces to be fast and flexible with the patients. In addition, there is always the question of time-consuming accounting. How can it be ensured that the focus is entirely on care and not on administrative activities?

For many care companies, the time-consuming application for fuel cards for the car of the carers is not worthwhile. In addition, medication and care products often have to be purchased at short notice. Especially in assisted living, this often goes a step further – food and other articles of daily use must be provided for the patients.

And how is this expenditure managed? This is precisely where solutions must be found that enable care providers and their employees to perform their tasks without complicated processes and cash supplies. Expense Management from Penta offers just that.

Every employee can get a company card to easily pay expenses such as gasoline, care products or purchases. No cash at all. After each payment, the corresponding receipts can simply be attached to the respective transaction via app. Management and accounting departments can use this data to automate the bookkeeping – the nursing staff do not have to do anything else.

Above all, however, everyone, employees and management alike, have a good overview of expenses at all times thanks to real-time notifications, enabling them to control costs immediately and on a daily basis. If a new employee joins or someone leaves the company, the management can simply order or block the corresponding card online. Card limits can also be individually adjusted at any time without having to visit the nearest bank branch. Simple, fast and at any time of day or night on your computer or smartphone. Not during bank opening hours. Just as the patients expect you to.

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