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Get access to overnight and fixed-term deposits by WeltSparen

Together with our partner WeltSparen, you can access attractive and secure savings products from Germany and Europe.

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business man laptop

Attractive overnight and fixed-term deposits

Avoid negative interest rates and invest on a deposit-backed basis

The WeltSparen platform enables business owners to invest company overnight and fixed-term and thus benefit from numerous attractive conditions. You decide how long and with which partner bank you want to invest your money.

Weltsparen fixed term deposts
Weltsparen fixed term deposts

Your Benefits

Why WeltSparen?

  • Attractive investment products: flexible terms at up to 1.50% p.a,
    starting from an investment amount of 5,000 euros
  • Maximum security: protection of deposits up to at least 100,000 euros per bank. For German banks, deposits with a maximum term of 18 months are partially covered by the BdB deposit guarantee.
  • Simple & convenient: One-time registration, complete any number of installations and manage them centrally

How it works


Fill in & send registration form

Open your free WeltSparen account here if you run a GmbH or UG or here if you run a sole proprietorship.



Identify yourself via the Video-Ident procedure. Alternatively, you can also use the classic Post-Ident procedure.


Invest and save money

Choose from one or more attractive fixed-term or overnight money offers.

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weltsparen penta tages und festgeld

About WeltSparen

WeltSparen by Raisin is the leading provider of simple savings and investment products. On the platform, business customers can find overnight and fixed-term deposits with the best interest rate conditions.

WeltSparen is now active in over 30 countries and has already convinced more than 350,000 customers.

Get access to attractive overnight and fixed-term deposits

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GmbH & UG

  • Efficient and diversified liquidity management
  • Avoidance of high costs due to negative interest rates at the house bank
  • Simple registration of your company with WeltSparen Business Customers
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Sole Proprietors

  • Flexible and free solution for parking your money
  • You get access to attractive overnight and fixed-term deposits from all over Europe
  • Register as a sole proprietor with WeltSparen in just a few minutes


Under the WeltSparen brand, Raisin GmbH has been offering an online marketplace for fixed-term and overnight deposits across Europe since 2013. Since 2019, Raisin GmbH has been a wholly-owned shareholder in the Raisin Bank, which has a German banking license and acts as a servicing bank for the WeltSparen platform.

With WeltSparen you can get attractive fixed-term and overnight deposits from European partners. And this is how it works:

  1. Fill out the registration form

    Open here on WeltSparen a WeltSpar account at the Frankfurter Raisin Bank as a clearing account for your investments at European banks. You only have to register once and set a PIN for your online banking access.

  2. Identification

    Follow the identification procedures (Postident or Video-Ident). After WeltSparen receives your identification, the Raisin Bank will open your clearing account. You can then log into your online banking at any time with your account number or email address and your PIN. You will receive your account number via email after WeltSparen has activated your WeltSpar account.

  3. Transcation

    Now, you can make the transfer from your Penta account to the WeltSpar account at the Raisin Bank.

  4. Invest and save money

    Choose from one or more attractive fixed-term offers and submit any required documents. The opening at the partner bank and the transfers are made automatically from your WeltSpar account at the Raisin Bank. There are no costs for you. You will receive all documents (such as contract documents and account statements) from the partner bank in your electronic mailbox of your online banking.

Under EU law, all offers for overnight and fixed-term deposits including interest income up to the equivalent of EUR 100,000 are 100% protected for each customer by the bank (statutory deposit protection via the compensation facility of German banks GmbH (EdB)).

In addition, selected German banks, such as the August Lenz bank, GEFA Bank, Greensill Bank and GRENKE Bank, are taking part in the extension of the coverage through the Association of German Banks (BdB). This additional deposit insurance covers the maximum possible investment amounts with WeltSparen for deposits with terms of up to 18 months.

The current conditions of the partner banks are shown on the landing pages. If there is a change in conditions, all customers will be informed ahead of time. Further information can be found here:

All general services for the product WeltSparen are free of charge—WeltSparen assumes the costs.

This includes the opening and management of the WeltSpar account including the identification procedure (Postident or Video-Ident), international transfers, balance confirmations, account statements and German customer service.

The opening and management of the overnight and fixed deposit accounts at the partner banks are usually also free of charge.

The requirements of the partner banks differ from country to country: Depending on the regulatory requirements in the respective country, the contract is usually made through an electronic application via your online banking. You can also upload the account opening documents directly in the online banking of WeltSparen.

The partner banks also need a copy of your ID, which you have already given WeltSparen as part of the identification process (Postident or Video-Ident), but you can also upload your ID in via the online banking if you are asked to do so after choosing an offer. As a rule, the partner bank needs your identity card to open.

Overall, the process from registration to the confirmed account opening by the partner bank is usually completed within a few days to a maximum of two weeks.

A tax exemption is usually not relevant for a GmbH.

If it is a tax-exempt company, a copy of the exemption order must be sent by post to WeltSparen, PO Box 13 02 07, 13601 Berlin.

At the end of the year of the interest payment, the partner banks provide an account statement showing tax-relevant information such as interest income or withholding tax. WeltSparen places this account statement in your personal postbox in WeltSparen online banking.

As a further service from WeltSparen, all customers receive free documents and information on these systems in the first quarter of each year. If they are tax-relevant, you can simply print them out and use them to prepare the tax return.

You can also find more information on our blog, on our website or at WeltSparen directly (GmbH & UG, Sole Proprietors)

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