Tell other businesses about Penta and get cash a voucher

Refer a business and get a 40 EUR reward for each new Penta customer. The choice is yours – Get a cash transfer directly to your Penta account or a voucher for Amazon.

empfehlungsprogramm penta

Your Rewards

Share your referral link now and get 40 EUR for each business that opens a Penta account through your link.

referral money penta

Cash Credit

Get a 40 € cash transfer directly to your Penta account.

voucher amazon referral penta


Get a 40 € voucher for Amazon.

friend bonus cash

Your referral earns a reward

20 EUR welcome bonus for your referral once an account is opened.

referral program penta

Here’s how it works

referral program penta
  1. Invite a businesses to Penta
    Share your referral code directly through email or social media by using the share button in your account. Or copy the code and send it manually.
  2. Get your referral started
    When the referred business joins Penta, they receive 20 EUR in Penta credits directly to their newly created Penta account.
  3. Receive your reward
    Choose your 40 EUR reward once the referral was successful. Pick either a direct cash transfer or a voucher for Amazon.

Ready to start earning?


Any Penta customer with an active account can participate in the referral program. In your Penta account, you can find your personal referral code as well as an overview of your successful referrals in the section “Refer a business”.

A referral is successful as soon as your referred business opened an account with Penta. You can see the status of your referred business in the menu option “Refer a business” anytime.

For each successful referral, you get 40€ as a cash transfer to your Penta account or an Amazon voucher for the same value. In addition, your referral receives 20€ in Penta credits to their newly created Penta account. You can refer as many businesses as you want, there is no limit.

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