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Fast & easy expense management for your Sales Team

  • Modern current account with German IBAN
  • Individual Team Cards for your Sales Manager
  • Easy expense management on the go
  • Direct integrations with most common accounting tools
  • Custom card limits and real-time notifications
  • Many more useful features fitted to Sales Teams


Whether it is a business lunch, hotel or train booking – never pay in advance again!

Early in the morning, you get on the train from Leipzig to Stuttgart, then you continue by rental car to Ludwigsburg, having the first customer appointment at 13 o’clock. In between, there is some time to grab a quick snack. Afterwards, you return to Stuttgart for the last appointment in the evening. Finally, after staying a night in a hotel, you take the train back to Leipzig.

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For a sales manager, this is a normal working day. However, these costs do not only arise for one sales manager but usually for several colleagues in a company. The procedure for this is grueling: all costs must be paid in advance by the employee, submitted via the internal accounting tool and finally approved by the finance department. The costs for a sales manager during a business trip often add up to several hundred, even thousands of Euros. Not to mention the reimbursement process, which also takes several weeks – an additional burden for colleagues from the sales department to the often commission-based compensation. Keeping track of all these expenses is a constant challenge for the employee, as well as for the accounting department.
The result? Long processing times, non-transparent procedures and a lot of manual effort. Neither for the accounting department nor for the employees is this a satisfying situation.

Penta Expense Management facilitates expense management for everybody!

Every sales manager can receive their own Team Card with an individual card limit. This is the simplest way to cover all expenditures occurring on business trips. It makes booking a hotel or paying for a business dinner a child’s play. Real-time notifications, both to the card user and to the company, allow all expenditures to be kept in view at any time.

In addition, the accounting department also benefits from Penta Expense Management and can always keep an overview of all expenses. After each card payment, the employee receives a reminder on the smartphone to upload the corresponding receipt. The accounting department, on the other hand, has direct access to the document so that every transaction can be posted correctly – regardless of where the sales manager is currently located. Attaching and uploading the receipt is fast and easy. It considerably reduces the time and effort required for bookkeeping or travel expense accounting as well.

Furthermore, the security of the payment methods must not be compromised, particularly during business trips: If the employee leaves his card at the hotel, it can be frozen or blocked in just a few clicks via the app. In the same way, additional Team Cards for new employees can also be conveniently ordered. All in real-time.

With Penta Expense Management, time-consuming conversations in the bank branch or telephone calls with the bank consultant are a thing of the past. We offer sales managers exactly the flexibility they always wished for.

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