With Penta you are safe

Security is our top priority. Your BaFin regulated bank account at solarisBank and Penta’s highly advanced safety features make it the most secure online banking solution on the market.


We protect your account

  • Enjoy full SSL-encryption of your login details
  • Set custom access permissions for every user – from read-only to full admin access
  • Define what information each user can/cannot see
  • Two-factor authentication on login: Pair your device with your Penta account and ease your mind


We protect your money

  • Confirm each transaction with SMS-tan.
  • Set custom spending limits for each user.
  • Receive an email notification every time a payment is made.
  • Instantly freeze/unfreeze any of the company cards in your Penta dashboard.


Access your Penta account 24/7

You are able to log into your Penta account any time of day and night. We ensure close-to-zero online banking maintenance downtime.

Enjoy the bug-free experience: we constantly run unit, build, API, and UI-level tests for each function we offer. We allocate more time and effort towards quality assurance employing 1 quality assurance engineer for every 1.5 developers, while the industry average is 1 QA-engineer for every 5 developers.


Bright and Secure

Unlike many traditional bank cards, the Penta card not only has a bright design but also enhanced fraud protection thanks to the card number placed on the back side.


Yes, our banking partner and the account holder, solarisBank, operates a hotline for urgent cases, such as fraud or lost/stolen cards. The number can be found on the back of your Penta Debit Card.

Yes! You can login without providing a TAN by pairing your smartphone with your Penta account.

You can cancel your Penta account anytime. All you need to do is to send an email to our support team, and they will take care of it.

Get your Penta account today!

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