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Statement regarding Wirecard Insolvency

Alina June 2020 1 min

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As many of you already know, Wirecard registered for insolvency this week which has been a shock to the entire financial industry and banking landscape in Germany. Many of Wirecard’s partners are financial service providers or Fintechs and have been massively affected by this unfortunate situation. 

As a Penta customer you are not affected by this crisis 

We want to assure you that Penta has not used any services from Wirecard and therefore none of our products and services are affected. So, as a Penta customer, you have no reason to worry about any potential issues and can continue to concentrate on your business. We are your strong partner for business banking and guarantee a high level of security. 

Of course, we continue to adhere to our mission to create the best Business Banking solution for you.

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