Coronavirus – We are here for you.

Penta will not leave any business behind. We’re here to help you and your business get through this stronger than before.

(last updated April 07)

Our Commitment

When we founded Penta, our goal was to help small and medium-sized companies. Period. This is now more important than ever. Our team of 90 people is working on solutions for you to get through this crisis, whether it’s financial support or advice. Let’s stick together as entrepreneurs.



  • Companies < 5 years
  • Companies > 5 years
  • Special program of the EU & federal government
    • Coming Soon.
    • We have already contacted relevant institutions such as the KfW, the federal government, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy etc. in order to provide even more and above all faster, unbureaucratic help for SMEs in Germany.



Emergency Aid

  • Short-time work allowance
    • The Federal Employment Agency is directly responsible for this.
  • Reduction of tax prepayments
    • Please contact  your local tax office directly.
    • We are working hard on templates for this.
  • Defferal of taxes
    • Please contact your local tax office directly.
    • We are working hard on templates for this.
  • Deferral of social security contributions
    • Please contact your local tax office directly.
    • We are working hard on templates for this.


Guarantees & Promotional Loans

Companies that had a sustainable business model until the corona crisis can apply for working capital guarantees (“Bürgschaften für Betriebsmittel”). These are processed by so called Bürgschaftsbanken. Guarantees can cover a maximum of 80 percent of the credit risk. This means that the businesses’ respective main bank must absorp at least 20 percent of the amount.

Such requests can be made on this website. Please note that, in addition to various documents, especially the liquidity plan important for this matter.

Penta Lending

Receive loans of between 1.000€ – 100.000€ with terms of up to 12 months that can be flexible adjusted.


  • Lighting-fast credit decisions
    • So that nothing stands in the way of liquidity, credit decisions with Iwoca are made within 24 hours. Perfect for financial bottlenecks and short-term needs.
  • Transparent interest payments
    • The interest is 2% per month on the outstanding amount. The interest charge is calculated daily on the outstanding loan amount – you can make free repayments at any time you desire.

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Stay up to date.

(We will send you supporting material for your company during this situation. No advertising, promised.)


The protective shield from the federal government for employees and companies includes the following measures:

  1. Short-time work benefits are becoming more flexible. Companies can get it in the future under easier conditions. Short-time work benefits can be applied for when ten percent of the employees are affected by the loss.
  2. The liquidity of companies is improved through tax measures. For this purpose, deferral of tax payments is made easier, advance payments can be reduced more easily. Enforcement and late payment penalties are waived in connection with the effects of corona.
  3. The liquidity of companies is protected by new measures by the government that are unlimited in volume. To this end, the existing programs for liquidity support will be expanded and made available to more companies, such as by KfW and ERP loans.
  4. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier and Federal Minister of Finance Scholz will also work for a coordinated and determined approach at European level. The Federal Government welcomes, among other things, the idea of ​​the European Commission for a “Corona Response Initiative” with a volume of 25 billion euros.

Unfortunately not at the moment. We are working hard to find a solution for this.

We are in talks with politicians, journalists and authorities in order to provide even more help for small businesses and freelancers even faster, faster and above all digitally. Would you like to help us with this? Write an email to .

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