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Now available: Team Cards for Einzelunternehmer & Freiberufler

Oliver March 2020 2 min

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We are excited to announce that as an Einzelunternehmer or Freiberufler you can now order up to 5 additional corporate cards for your whole team!

This means that all accepted legal forms can now order Team Cards. 

Simplify your expense management, stay in control of your business spendings, and have a better overview of your subscriptions. Simply request a card for every employee and set custom spending limits for every card

How can I request additional Team Cards?

  1. Log in to your Penta account and navigate to the Users & Cards page.
  2. You will now see an overview of all users of your Penta Account, as well as the status of the corresponding card, if applicable.
  3. You now have two options: Either you simply click on Request Card for the respective user or you click on the button Add User at the top. After you’ve added the employee and entered her information, you can then order the card.
  4. Your employee must then verify his identity via VideoIdent and set a pin for the card. That’s it!

With additional Team Cards for your employees, you never have to worry about time-consuming expense reports at the end of the month again. Upload receipts on the go, attach them to the corresponding transaction and categorize each expense for faster accounting. We promise you: Your team will love it.

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