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Corporate cards for your team, fast and easy expense management, automated accounting, real-time notifications, and much more. Start using Penta today for your travel or transport company.

25k+ German Businesses trust Penta with their banking.

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All-in-one business banking platform for travel & transport companies

  • Modern current account with German IBAN
  • Team Cards for you, your drivers and every employee
  • Custom card limits and real-time notifications
  • Easy to integrate with your accounting tool
  • No transaction without a receipt and easy categorization
  • Many more useful features fitted to travel & transport companies


A bus company with 20 buses

After the opening of the European market for coach travel, a wave of new suppliers and offers came onto the market, which had not existed in this form before. At the beginning, there was a plethora of different providers, but the market seems to be consolidating little by little, with a clear market leader: Flixbus.

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The rapid growth is based on many small and medium-sized local bus companies that operate on the European roads on behalf of tour operators, such as Flixbus or BlaBlaBus.

Many of these bus companies are plagued by a common problem: How can they find well-trained and motivated bus drivers and also support them in the best possible way?
The greatest challenge for bus companies are overland tours: many trips take the buses right across the country, from Hamburg to Munich. This raises the question for the bus companies how, for example, the pensions or overnight stays of the drivers can be paid? How can it be ensured that drivers can easily and safely pay for unplanned expenses? And last but not least: How is the gas paid for?

Even at first glance, it is clear that cash is not suitable for this purpose: it is too insecure, too cumbersome and no longer up to date. The often used fuel card can be used to pay for the fuel, but not the overnight stay in the pension.

How can bus companies ensure that their drivers pay for the pension in the evening and that they can react quickly to unplanned expenses without losing track and control?

With Penta Expense Management these worries are a thing of the past!

Every driver can receive his own company card with preset and individual card limits. This is the simplest way to cover all expenses that arise over long distances. Real-time notifications, both to the card user and to the company, allow all expenses to be conveniently kept in view. In this way, the company knows at all times what its own cash flow looks like.

In addition, the accounting department also benefits from Penta Expense Management and always keeps track of all transactions. After each card payment, the driver receives a reminder on his smartphone to upload the purchase receipt. This is then automatically forwarded to the accounting department, so that every purchase can be booked correctly. Regardless of where the driver is located. Attaching and uploading the purchase receipt is child’s play and considerably reduces the amount of work involved in accounting.

As bus companies often have new drivers joining and old ones leaving, the security of the means of payment must not be compromised. If a driver leaves the company, the corresponding card can be blocked or cancelled in just a few clicks in online banking or via an app. Company cards for new drivers can also be conveniently ordered in the same way. No cumbersome and time-consuming conversations in the bank branch or telephone calls with the bank advisor. Expense Management from Penta offers modern bus companies exactly the flexibility they need today.

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