Connect Penta and DATEV directly through your account now!
Connect Penta and DATEV now!
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Get access to overnight and fixed-term deposits

Together with our partner Weltsparen, you can access attractive and secure savings products from Germany and Europe.

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Attractive overnight and fixed-term deposits

Avoid negative interest rates and invest on a deposit-backed basis

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The WeltSparen platform enables business owners to invest company fixed-term and overnight deposits and thus benefit from numerous attractive conditions. You decide how long and with which partner bank you want to invest your money.

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Your Benefits

Why WeltSparen?

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  • Attractive investment products: flexible terms between daily availability and 6 years at up to 2.50% p.a,
    starting from an investment amount of 5,000 euros
  • Maximum security: protection of deposits up to at least 100,000 euros per bank, in German banks complete protection through the BdB deposit guarantee scheme up to 75.1 million EUR per customer
  • Simple & convenient: One-time registration, complete any number of installations and manage them centrally

How it works


Fill in & send registration form

Open your free WeltSparen account here if you run a GmbH or UG or here if you run a sole proprietorship.



Identify yourself via the Video-Ident procedure. Alternatively, you can also use the classic Post-Ident procedure.


Invest and save money

Choose from one or more attractive fixed-term or overnight money offers.

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About WeltSparen

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WeltSparen by Raisin is the leading provider of simple savings and investment products. On the platform, business customers can find overnight and fixed-term deposits with the best interest rate conditions and, in addition, maximum security through statutory and BdB deposit protection.

WeltSparen is now active in over 30 countries and has already convinced more than 270,000 customers.

Get access to attractive overnight and fixed-term deposits

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GmbH & UG

  • Efficient and diversified liquidity management
  • Avoidance of high costs due to negative interest rates at the house bank
  • Simple registration of your company with WeltSparen Business Customers
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  • Flexible and free solution for parking your money
  • You get access to attractive call money and time deposits from all over Europe
  • Register as a sole proprietor with WeltSparen in just a few minutes

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